Silvia Trkman is back....


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Some people look forward to Hollywood blockbuster releases. I look forward to Silvia Trkman video releases. She always inspires me towards better and more varied training, and I shall always maintain that she is the best out there, from those that I have seen.

As far as I can see, she's not looking to sell books (I recall her stating that a book would be pointless as her methods and beliefs are just too simple to warrant one), she's not pushing an agenda, not writing research papers, doesn't attempt to dictate what is right or what is wrong. She's just out there doing what she does best, and leaving everyone else to squabble over the usual things. That is about as admirable as it gets for me.

Enjoy this new video, it's a corker, and shows us all that Winter is no excuse to postpone the trick training! :)



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Just watched that this morning, I'm the same, I adore her videos and I'm always waiting for the next one. She has such a natural way with her dogs, she really is an inspiration.


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Lol, I saw that one too. ^^ I always look forward to her vids. She's so nice and helpful. I've emailed her a couple of questions before when I was just lost training something, and she was quick to reply and very kind about it. :doghappy: I love Bu with the slippers!!! Haha! And the blanket....and well, the whole vid. :doglaugh: She really does a fantastic job with her dogs.


I'd love to see Emma do that slipper trick, but I'd have to convince her that they belong on her feet, not in her mouth!:dogblink:


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Slipper trick made my jaw drop!
I love her videos too, and, having emailed her before, too, just so lovely. :)
Thanks for bringing her new video to my attention! I think it would've taken some time for me to find it myself.


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I love her video a lot,too. Including me, many of my agility friends keep eyes on her
website!!! It gives me love and joy of sharing super time with dogs.