Silly Tricks With The Paps


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Wauwie!!! Love the speed of those spins!!!

I looovvvve Papillons... If I ever get a small dog, it will be this one!


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Anneke- Knight loves to do everything he can at warp speed, He's so enthusiastic with everything :)
Papillons are amazing. They have the attitude of a big dog, just in a smaller package. I see many more in my future haha.

Orpheum- Thank you! They're such a joy to work/play with :)

Dogster- Thank you!

Dlilly- Thanks :D Hahaha Me too! (painfully obvious when you combine my sig and my shirt in the video LOL)


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Absolutely wicked! Love it, no silly tricks here, great fun and great entertainment for the dog - just cause they're small, it doesn't mean they don't need mental and physical exercise!