Silly Dancing Dogs


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Came across this cute web site from McDonalds Germany. They have an ad campaign going on with a Bavarian theme, and now you get to dress up your puppy (or yourself) in lederhosen. :doglaugh:

It is actually quite similar to how we "elfed" our dogs around Christmas time.

Here's Little Joe
here's Bonnie!


oh, to create your own, click on the sign that the groundhog is holding on the lower right. Let me know if you have trouble following the German instructions and I'll provide a more detailed "how to". It really is almost the same procedure as getting elfed.

Jean Cote

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LOL. That was an advanture for me to get Onyx in there. I managed to randomly click everywhere and got her picture in and got her to dance. But there is no way I could fill out a form at the end. :)


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ah... ok then. I guess my German is better than I thought :dogohmy:

ok then here's a step by step how-to

1. have a photo ready on your PC, not larger than 1MB

2. click on the sign that says "selber platteln" that the groundhog is holding on lower right

3. click on "mein bild einfügen" (load my photo)

4. the usual disclaimers, click "Akzeptieren" (I accept) and a window will pop up where you can choose your photo from your hd and upload it

5a. "drehen" = tilt and "zoomen" = zoom
so tilt and zoom and play around until you have the face where you want it
5b. "Neues bild" = new photo, or I don't like this one and want to u/l another pic
"Passt" = ok, let's go forwards with this one

6. time to choose which dances you want
"Tanz-moves selbst wahlen" = choose your own dance sequences, custom dance
or click on "Huttengaudi mix" for a pre-made dance mix
"bild andern" means change the photo

7. if custom, then drag and drop frames onto the lowest row as you like
if pre-made, then you'll be asked to put a name for your "dance" on the sign on the left
"nochmal" - again, show it again, repeat
"passt ned" - nope, doesn't work, go back and let me choose another dance routine
"passt" - yep, I like this one

8. Now fill out the form to send the url via email to yourself or others.

herr = mr.
frau = mrs. or ms.

Dein Name = your name (will show up on final dance web page)
vorname = first name
nachname = surname, family name, last name
Deine Email Addresse = your email address

Dein Plattler geht an = your dance goes to, is being sent to <first name> <last name>

choose "per email" or via email, since mms means sending to a cell phone

check both squares at the bottom. The first means you'll get a copy of the email sent to you which will have the link. The second is another "yeah I accept your terms and conditions"

finally, "jetzt versenden" means send now

zuruck = go back

Simple, eh? :dogblink: