Sick Puppy!


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Hi all:

We've been AWOL for a bit, Bailey has been ill and we've been doting on her ... turns out she's been in the midst of a huge allergy attack ... we're not sure what it was in relation to, but she's been really sick and had us quite worried. She does seem to be on the mend now, at least things are calmer and we're both resting a lot better & easier. We just hate it when she's sick ... can't seem to find anything to alleviate her distress, and all you wanna do is make her feel better and just don't know how. The Vet put her on prednisone, which we're in the process of weening off of now and she's been getting benedryl as well ... then she had to go on a drug because she kept vomiting up everything ... she ended up having to spend a couple of nights at the vets because she got dehydrated and had to go on IV fluids.

Geesh, we're both exhausted ... home now though and she appears to be feeling better ... thank goodness.

Hope everyone here is doing well, it'll take us a few days to catch up on posts and other things going on ... but we're glad to be getting our routine back.

Take care all: Hivin