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Hi there, my name is boyfriend and I have just brought home a 3yr old Siberian Husky...his name is Isis.

He knows the basic tricks..sit..down..gIve paw..speak..( Mind you, only when he sees a treat lol)..stubbornness and boredom are true traits lol.

He is slowly adjusting to my cat as well..maryjane on the other hand is not liking him or his size to much..but I think they will come around..( hoping! )

We brought Isis home..friends of ours just didn't have the time for him.

He had not been in a car since he was brought home 3 yrs ago..and had never been on a leash. He Loves the car, and walking on a leash..we need more practice.

He has beautiful eyes, one ice blue and one brown..

Our main focus now is to teach him to come..and to stay...I'm sure he can do both..( when he chooses to put his mind to it.)

He listens great to my boyfriend..but me...only with treats..I am 4 foot 9... He is bigger than me and knows it work in progress...

We are interested in getting him some new tricks he does seem to bore quickly with the basics..he wants us to teach him more lol.

This site looks amazing..and I hope it brings us great success in training an already almost perfect dog..

Thank you!


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Welcome to dog trick academy. It's super that you are giving Isis the opportunity to live a more stimulated life. I'm sure you'll find lots on here that will keep both you and Isis busy for a long time to come... :D