Shih-tzu knots


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Hello! Just asking, who owns a shih-tzu? Because I have a fur problem. Because everytime I groom my shih-tzu, he has tangled fur. So the question is, Should I shave my dog's fur as long as a labrador puppy's fur, or should I take my chances and keep untangling it contiously?:doghuh::doghuh::doghuh::doghuh:


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Hi, I dont have a shih-tzu, but I do have a young cocker spaniel that I keep in full coat. Her hair is very fine and fly-away and tangles very easily.

Clipping your dog will help with the problem, but if you dont want to do that here are a couple of suggestions of things I do for my puppy that helps:

Firstly I brush her 1 or 2 times each day to stop knots building up. Secondly I use conditioner in her hair. When I bath her I work a doggy conditioner into her coat and then I let the water run over it so it isnt rinsed out properly, but some remains in the coat...this helps stop it tangling and also protects the hair. I also dilute some conditioner in a spray can and spray a fine mist of the conditioner into her coat before I brush her each day.

The other thing is if you dont intend to show your dog you can trim/clip away some of her hair in the areas that get knotted (e.g. under her armpits) does help.


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As Stormi says, the very best preventive is daily combing and brushing. And remember to always comb out any tangles or mats before you bathe your dog...bathing mats will set them into place almost permanently, like making felt!

There is an equine product called "Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine" that is almost fool proof for removing knots, mats and tangles. Just drops (really, just the tiniest bit) put on the knot or mat, and worked in well with the fingertips, will allow you to separate the strands with your fingers and a comb. If you do this before a bath, it will wash out, but it is okay to leave in. On a daily basis, a tiny bit on a tangle should not be a problem to leave in. (It is a silicone based product, so if you use tons of it often, it can be drying to the hair coat.)

I like it because it can save some really seriously matted coats without resorting to cutting out the mats or shaving.


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Thanks a lot! But I am so sad to say that I shaved my shih-tzu semi-kalbo(kalbo means bald). Bu when his fur grows back, I will try your suggestions. Thanks again!