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    Oh dear, maybe he'd prefer a smidgeon of caviar Bulga of course:D He's not alone though, Leaf doesn't like Kongs period! Must be the taste of the rubber or whatever it is they're made off, she won't touch them.

    That's fantastic how well he did though in his crate at the event and with meeting other dogs. You've every right to be impressed! And Rivers would have been a big hit that's for sure. Maybe that prompted Sherlock to decide crates and other dogs aren't so bad - he wants to be a star too!;)

    Don't forget a vid of Rivers doing his crawling figure 8.:)
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  2. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Sherlock is doing a lot better in the crate now. He has a plastic one in the bed room where he is generally quiet now even if I leave the room. The wire crate is in the living room. He will go in there when he wants to rest and has a blanket in there that he has gotten better about not tearing apart when I leave the room. He associates the crate with food and will go in easily when I ask him too. He still gets really excited when it is time to come out but calms down after a few minutes.
    He is a really smart puppy and when he learns something new he applies it too other things. They say dogs don't generalize well but he seems too. I taught him shake and now he will offer putting his paw on different items. Last night at class I was holding treats and he went over to a stool and put his paw on it. Then he did it again. Then he tried both paws. He loves offering new behaviors. We haven't done a lot of shaping but he picks things up pretty quickly. Although I have noticed that he might not remember it from one session to the next. For example, the other day I had the easy button on the ground. He stepped on it accidentally and got a jack pot of treats. Then he stepped on it one more time by accident. Then he lay down with it between his paws and just started smacking it with one paw then the other then the first paw until I picked it up and ended the training. The next day he went back to not even noticing it was there. He really is a funny little dog. He has amazing body awareness and hind end awareness for a young pup. He has his clumsy moments at times and times he is just too close and trips on me or steps on me, but he also will very purposely move his paws. I saw him back into a laundry basket the other day when it was in his way.
    Our main project right now is still socializing with other dogs. He is doing a lot better but he still raises his hackles a lot in certain situations where other dogs are present. He has not had any incidents with River since the first day and one other a few days after I got him. He was really under a lot of stress with his transfer to a new home. Other wise he is doing wonderfully and I can't get over how amazing he is. He learns quickly and adapts quickly. He is incredibly smart and he is calm and a sweetie.
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    Very happy to hear that Sherlock is doing so well with his crates, that's awesome!:)

    "They" say a lot of things about dogs which I too don't always think are correct. Sherlock sure is generalizing, that's so cute and really, really smart, he's one very intelligent dog!:)

    Amazing to have such great rear end awareness, backing into a laundry basket, at such a young age is fantastic!:)

    LOL maybe he got 'bored' with the easy button - too easy for an intelligent chap 'where's the next trick Mom? "

    I am sure Sherlock will be fine with other dogs, he seems to be doing so well, just that little bit further to go.

    He really is a very smart, intelligent puppy and I just know he's going to be top dog with socializing very soon!

    Way to Go Sherlock!!!!!!!!!!:love:(y)
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    I have seen much improvement with Sherlock around other dogs . He even helped me with a reactive dog. His job was to stay calm and focused on me. He was great and the boxer didn't even bark once. The owner said they had never seen her this calm ever around another dog. She is a rescue, with two scars on her head probably from cigarettes. She is not very food motivated and we had lots of trouble even getting her to sit. But her family went home and did tremendous work with her and got her sitting with some steak!
    Anyway Sherlock is learning how to work around other dogs and he doesn't need to bark even if other dogs are barking excessively.
    He has been successful with dogs approaching him as well. (I am very particular about which dogs can approach him.)

    He still impresses me with how much control he has over his body for a young dog. He still has a clumsy moment on occasion but he can be very deliberate with his paws. He also has on occasion held his tail strait out behind him.
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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    I'm glad to hear that Sherlock is doing so well. He sounds like one smart cookie.
    After almost a year Piper still HATES her crate. So that's great that that Sherlock is liking his.
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    That's fantastic that Sherlock is actually helping with the reactive Boxer!(y) Poor love, cigarette burns to her head, how CAN people do that to a dog (or any animal for that matter). So glad she has found a wonderful home (and found she'll even sit if the reward is high enough - steak - she's not spoiled! And that Sherlock is helping her so much. You must be so proud of him:)

    Sounds like young Sherlock is making tremendous progress with other dogs. And he sure has amazing body control for one so young. Leaf's always had very good body control, but Zeus as a puppy - least said about that:whistle:
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    Sounds like one dog I had, she never did take to a crate. After about 2/3 years I totally gave up!!!!!!!! But when she had to be crated at the vets, in one of their hospital pens, she acted like an angel and they wondered why I couldn't get her to crate. Party Manners that's for sure!
  8. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Sherlock will open the door and charge in if he even thinks there is something to do with going in and getting a treat. So if I go to my dresser, go to the closet, go over to their food containers, pick up a bowl or go near the crate he will get the door open and get in his crate. :D He is a silly pup!
  9. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL Sherlock's not silly, he knows where to go to get a treat!
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