Shame/cover Your Eyes


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Hey guys!

Well me and Replay have been working on this trick -sorta kinda- hah.

I've heard of two methods..
* phsyically putitng your dog's paw on their nose - i don't like it.
* putting tape on their nose - she doesn't care. hahah.

anyone have any other methods? :p


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Put something on their head- like actually on the top of the head, not just on their nose. That was the only way Charlie would swipe at his face: nose, don't care, but touch the head and he wouldn't rest until he'd tried to swipe the thing off :D

Blow in their face- gently and only if you know for certain that your dog isn't going to freak out or take a piece out of your face.

Loop something around their muzzle- like a hair band or something, so it's actually over their muzzle, holding it together. That was the method we were shown in a tricks class I took, but because I had the special pup I used the face blowing instead which worked a treat :)


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i might try the pony tail thing, just hope she doesn't eat it, or make me put it in her ears...


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Tape/post-its didn't work for my BC either. I had a stretchy wrist band that was on my clicker that I used. Worked perfect. I later discovered another way that would've worked for her when we were just free shaping. I had a treat in my hand, palm to the floor, about nose-height, and she put her paw on my hand while shoving her nose underneath: covering her nose with her paw/my hand. So if you haven't already, maybe try some free shaping and see what she comes up with. The stretchy wrist band worked great for Mud, it happened to be big enough to not hurt her, it was just annoying, and just small enough to not slide right off her face.

Good luck! :)


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This is a good post as My Dog is the same sticky tape doesn't bother him and blowing on his nose just makes him bark :| Although that was brilliant for the speak command! lol Shall have to try the Hair bobble trick =D xxx


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my girl just starts being weird (em, i know, she's always weird!) when you blow in her face. :p
i'll have to try the wrist band! i think i have one.


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Post it's won't stick to Coopers nose, they fall off before he even lifts a paw, or he just shakes his head to get rid of it:rolleyes:
I have used a hairband thingy, but I'm stuck...O_o He will put his paw over his nose, to try to get the hairband off, but he doesn't make the connection. I have been trying for ages to get him to do it, but no luck. Mostly he will get annoyed and lie down. So I have given up on this trick for now:oops:
I've only tried it once with Jinx. She usually is a lot faster to pick up on things, than Cooper, but again, I get stuck.
I must be doing something wrong:D
I am hoping to go to a dogdance workshop in september. We have to bring a list of tricks we want to work on, and this one is on that list. Maybe the trainer can give me a few tips:p


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Yeah I noticed that with Replay as well, she seems, well excited about the hairband at first. then hates me. :p