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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by shaktishiloh, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody!

    We haven't been around much recently because we've been busy creating and now We have some FUN to share! :) I posted about that in the Blog here and added the movie to the Movie Gallery, but thought that would also post in the Training Forum so more people are able to see it and hopefully more people can have some laughs and giggles. :)

    We've been working on that project for a long time and we're very excited that we finally finished the creative process and now can share the result with all of you!

    Please click here to read the details in Shakti's recent Blog post on her website:

    or you can go straight to YouTube
    (You can choose to view the movie in HD format for a better experience and you can also view it on the full screen - click the icon right next to the volume icon below Shakti's movie on YouTube - it's the icon in the middle) if you'd like:

    SHAKTI's Dog Tricks - Intermediate Level


    Comments and ratings will be very appreciated as always! :)


    Lexi and Shakti :msngiggle::dogbiggrin:

  2. snooks Experienced Member

    I left a comment too in the video section. Marvelous. I always look forward to your vids. You get a 10 (both of u) for the moonwalk. You have a real talent as does Shakti. :doglaugh:
  3. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Thank you SO MUCH Snooks! :) You're AWESOME PAWESOME! :dogbiggrin:Thanks so much for giving us 10 and your sweet words! i believe we've sent you a Friend invitation on YouTube...I hope it went through...

    Have a BEAUTIFUL day! :)

    ~ Lexi with Shakti
  4. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Just a great video - been checking out your other's too. One clever doggie.

  5. shaktishiloh Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much Sue! Thanks for subscribing to Shakti's YouTube Channel! :dognowink::msnparty:
  6. snooks Experienced Member

    Oh cool about the invite Lexi, I need to get on there and poke around. I subscribed to ur website but don't think I have been back to the youtube stuff in a bit. That girl of your is so gorgeous. Keep up the great work inspiring all of us to train more. :dogwink:

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