Setting Up A Dog Competition Help!


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Well to cut a long story short I'm helping a friend to set up a large dog event. There will be lots and lots of competitions including:
1. 4 -agility (small, medium, large, final)
2. 4 -Flyball ( round 1, round 2, semi-finals, finals)
3. 1 -Trei-ball
4. 5 -rally obedience (2 beginner, 2 intermediate, final)
5. 3 -dancing (beginner, intermediate, final)
6. 3 -canicross (1km, 5km, 10km)
7. 10 -The 7 dog groups and 3 most entered breeds
8. 1 -The judge’s favourite mixed breed dog
This might change as more events are added but anyway I'm trying to sort out prizes for the event. I'm shocked at the prices of some rosettes so need to choose carefully. As the first of many questions that I'll have - what would you rather win at a competition - a big rosette, a medal or a trophey?

Right now I'm sorting out the agility competitions. We're expecting a large crowd - at least 30 entrants per section (only 25 in the final - 25 best scores will qualify) - but maybe more than that - so how many prizes should I be thinking for the three size rounds and then for the final. At the moment for the three size rounds only the first 8 will get rosettes (the top three get two tier ones the other five get 1 tier) - is this fair or should I put more in. Then for the final I'm really not sure what I should do - any ideas would be appreciated.

Also if anyone has any ideas on more events that we could hold we'll be very greatful or some suggestions on how to improve the current events



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wow! good luck!! Sounds like a very big event!!

(i'm not entirely certain what a rosette that a bow?)

Re: keeping costs down, giving out ribbons would be most economical, as those could be hand-made. If you google "Making award ribbons", i'm sure you could find some "how-to" videos. You might be able to get supplies at Dollar Store to make them.

Have a "Make A Prize" party at your home, ha ha, get some help, it sounds like you have many many prizes to come up with.
It probably would not be difficult to either create, or find some ready-made, and then print up, some awards certificates that one could frame with a dollar-store frame.

I love "Funniest Trick" contests, too.


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These are rosettes

Thanks for the funniest trick idea - that could be a good one.
I'll have to look into making ribbons - but it certainly would be cheaper;)


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ohhhhhhh, i still bet you could find a way to MAKE those, or MAKE something very similar. For the numbers, such as "First Place" or whatever, you could either load your printer with colored paper if you want center of rosette to match(?), design the symbol you want, "1st Place" or whatever, in Microsoft word, repeat that all over the page, (to cut them out) and hit print, then cut them out and glue them in the center.
or, trace circles, to cut out, on a paper-plate for extra firmness....

Or, you could use gold-pen for fabric, (fabric pen) maybe, so it won't 'bleed' on the ribbon. Maybe some stencils if you are not good at lettering...

probably, you will have to practice this a few times, with ribbons you can discard, to see which type of glue or glue-stick works the best with no wet spots showing through,
or which type of fabric-pen works on ribbons....

maybe perusing a craft shoppe, you can spot some item to use as the CENTER of the rosettes.....
Maybe even some round wooden circles, to have a wider array of types of pens or markers to use, if you are working on painted wood.......ask the clerks there, for ideas of items in their store, that could be used to be center of an award ribbon.............often these are craft-y type of ppl who work in such shoppes. Maybe bring a lil photo along, so they know what you mean.

or, maybe some of the tons of videos and articles on How To Make Award Bows, will explain what to do with the center part....
yes, there ARE tons of videos on the net, "how to make rosette bows".... "how to make 'award' ribbons".....etc. Lol, it must be a popular idea!

Yes, it seems more economical to me, to make your own....BEST OF LUCK!!!


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Maybe rosettes are too "normal"? And people are used to them looking mass produced and professionally made.
Instead what about a bone shaped piece of thick card with a ribbon bow fastened to it? You could print the card with the right wording before cutting the shape out. It'd be a lot easier to make, could still be fastened to a dog's collar and it might be kind of quirky.