Seperation Anxiety


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our dog Tucker has been experiencing separation problems. Most days he's home not more than 3-4 hours with out one of us. Buy now 2 days a week he is home for 8 hours before anyone can make it home.
Fortunately he does not chew or shred stuff, but he does pull shoes and underwear into the living room (stacks it in a pile). I'm just afraid soon he will start to chew the stuff he collects in the day. I'm sure it would be much better for him to find a good hobby for him to do by him self, before he gets in the habit of chewing or shredding.
We do prefer to let him run free in the house during the day. So we would not like to have to kennel him during the day, but we will.
Any good tricks to keep him busy? He has plenty for toys, and a couple of bones.
Thank you, and merry christmas.


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I have a dog who has Severe SA (Spencer). He has had it since he was a pup but it has only gotten worse. With him, it is not boredom. When I have more time, I will write up a thread about it but there is way too much info to add in this one and I would hate to threadjack.

Frozen kongs are always a good idea but you have to make it yummy. Spencer actually won't eat a frozen kong when we are away. He should get the goodies when you leave and they get taken away when you come home. A food ball is also a great idea. It keeps them busy for a while and gets their mind going.

How much exercise does he get? Does he always get a walk before you leave?

Also, it does sound more like boredom that actual SA. I think finding ways to keep him busy and tired while you are away is the best bet.


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my dog has a seperation problem. when we go down to eat or go to school
my dog just cry and cry and when we come home all we see are only pieces of paper and bits of plastic.
im so fraustraited with them what will i do .
please help me:dogwacko:


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Guus has a very severe seperation anxiety. He's hardly ever home alone, we take him everywhere. But sometimes he does have to stay alone and then he cries and barks and screams. We always thought it would stop after a few minutes but tonight I set up the camera to check. It doesn't record more than 11 minutes but all that time he was crying and barking in his crate. So I guess it goes on for as long as we are gone (it was about 2 hours tonight).

So tomorrow I'll start his training to help him with this. The link bipa gave looks pretty good (thanks for that!).

I would have posted tonights film but I'm unable to upload on youtube and photobucket. But it's so sad to see that maybe it's better not to post it anyway.