Scout, Mouse And Boo In Their Deaf Dog Video!


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You'd never guess that she's 8 years old eh? Scout is so happy doing tricks. She never gets bored and gives it her all (to my constant amusement! LOL) That video is the first time Scout's ever been asked to jump anything... it's like she was trained for it. I'm assuming, because she's so adept at body language and reading physical cues, that she figured out what I wanted immediately, but I figured that she's need a little training for the trick... boy was I wrong!

She astounds me at the best of times, and I cant figure out why she was nearly euth'd at a pound... why no one wanted her, she's perfect, and brilliant, and a fantastic companion!

I am so000 lucky to have been trained by a dog like her. :notworthy: you all should be so lucky!;)


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Scout has done her job alright - if I ever get a rescue dog (sometime in the far distant future) I'll look for a deaf dog, I was already thinking I'd look for a dog that wasn't straightforward but I hadn't thought how. Too bad that there can be only one Scout in the world, she's very special.


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You have no idea how happy that makes me! I've always said, if all the work Scout and I do save just one deaf dog, than we have done our jobs!

Scout changed my world, she made me a better dog trainer, and a better person. Oliver, Mouse and Boo can all owe their lives to her as well, it's because of her, that I adopted them (Ollie was supposed to be deaf, but it turns out he has an allergy to fleas, and as his skin healed from a severe infestation, his hearing came back)

You certainly learn alot about how you "talk" to your dogs, when you live with a deafie... no one would ever know Scout's deaf, she reads me so well that there is no disability there at all.

And though I believe Scout is the best deaf dog in the world, there are many other deaf dog owners that feel the same about theirs.


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Wonderful video Sara. Very talented. I wouldn't think one would have problems with barking with a deaf dog, but after thinking about makes sense. What a terribly intelligent dog, reallying inspiring and educating to those who think a disability makes a dog less than adoptable.