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anything and everything they love to learn my friend has just been given a 6month old standard, they bring it to kodas puppy obedience class, but they are very intelligent dogs and they will pick up any trick, i know a few that do agility too, is that your dog in the picture its cute


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Schnauzers are awesome! They are so smart, and so easily trained. The only thing mine wouldnt do was fetch. I believe she thought she was too good for it, she'd give me this look when I threw something like "Now that was dumb, now you have to go all the way over there to get it back" Yeah, sometimes too smart. But she was a trick dog, Fearless, loved to learn new things. And responed to simple praise. Never had to use treats or toys, infact she much preferred praise. She was my first dog and really put the bar high for any future dog.