Say Your Prayers...

Jean Cote

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Hi again :) I'm not sure there are any for that specific trick, but I'm sure if you wait a day or two someone will give you some pointers on teaching this trick. I think you could start training it on your arm with luring your dog to put both paws on your arm and move the treat underneath your arm so he has to put his head in between his paws to get to it. I'm sure there are other ways to teach this... :)


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For the prayer, I used a chair and did as Jean said, lurring her between her paws.

For copcop, she knows how to get around my legs and how to sit between them. First I taught her to put her paws on my feet using a clicker (click each time she touched my foot with her paw), then put the word "on my feet". Then I put things together asking "around" then just opened my legs but kept my feet tight so she has no choice where to put her feet and asked "on my feet" and moved forward. Now she does it with no hesitation. Funny enough, in agility I need to keep my legs tight otherwise she comes straight for cop cop ! This happened to me last time when she came out of the tunnel :D


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Yes, for prayers I started with my doing it on my arm. Either way, make sure to focus on your dog doing it in a beg position so it's more of a prayer rather then your doing doing a yoga move :)

Cop cop is easy if your dog knows to get into the center position between your legs. Then you can either physically put your dog on your feet, lure it and click contact with your feet, or teach your dog to step on a book between your front feet and then gradually move your front feet in on the book so that your dog starts to step on your feet instead of the book. Then you need to get the dog comfortable with small bouncy movements and gradually walking.


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))rubbing my hands in excitement!!(( I ve started to teach Dodge this one,god its so cute!! At what point did you actually tell him to "say his prayers" and how long did it take him to understand it ?Its not like its just a one word command,is it:D I say it everytime his head is through his paws,I m not entirely sure if I m moving to fast actually . . . he did it against the sofa this morning,all obviously with luring him with treats,to click at the right time,he s quite quick to cotton on:) . . . he kept his paws against the sofa hoping for more clicks,bless him,backside down and paws sort of half way down the front of the sofa but not touching the floor,jeeze it looked uncomfy,but so damn cute :love:


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I usually don't name a trick until I'm no longer luring but the dog is offering it AND I'm happy with the final performance. Of course I don't think it really matters as dogs are smart :) I babble a lot to my dogs while training but I"m pretty sure they are ignoring all the words that are coming out of my mouth and are just focusing on what they are trying to learn.

On this trick I just use the cue "pray" but on other tricks where I am using more than one work I start with just the one word I want to emphasize as in "cold" in my "are you cold?" trick and then add in the other words before once the dog is responding to my emphasized word. You could just as easily pick the first 2 words instead of the last one or two.