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I'm the proud papa of a rescued lucky little guy who was found walking the streets in South Carolina. He was a hospital patient for the first two weeks with a serious infection along with a case of ghardia and round worm. Those days appear to be behind us now, and daily he is showing me just how wonderful of a dog he is, and showing me that I'm truly the lucky one.

Aside from being my bestest buddy, I'm quickly finding out just how smart he is. I just started trying tricks this past week and have found that he can learn anything I try within one piece of cheese...the stinkier the better. The problem is, I exhausted my trick arsenol after sit, shake and up. I need help because I can see just how happy it makes him when we connect, and I'm limited. And to be honest, I grew up with dogs who NEVER learned any tricks, so this is new territory for me.


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Hi Sumter :)

Sounds to me like you are both lucky. Like you I grew up with dogs that were great companions but I'm sure they were also bored silly. I've found a lot of fun teaching the dogs new things and they LOVE it. There's another site that will show you some other fun things you can do with your dogs, I have really enjoyed visiting that site and I've found several things that I would not have thought of without it.


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Welcome to the Academy! Give yourself a pat on the back for rescuing. :) Our monthly challenges should give you plenty of ideas, as well as just surfing the lounge! The classroom has many tricks that include video and written lessons. If you run into any problems or just have some questions, feel free to post them in the lounge. We have many active members who are usually quick to answer questions. :) Enjoy the site, and good luck with your dog!