Same Brand, Different Flavor.


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I didn't know if I already posted this or not, but I couldn't find it elsewhere on the boards, so I'm going to post it here.

The dogs are doing AMAZING on Taste of The Wild! Love it! They're currently on Sierra Mountain (Lamb), and I just got 2 sample packets each of the other flavors from ToTW because I want to rotate flavors.

I got the sample packets, because I want to know if they'll do well on it before I purchased a bigger bag.

I think we're going to move onto the Wetlands (Fowl) formula first, because I accidently opened one of the bags.

Anyway, to my question... Do I have to gradually switch over to the next flavor? I have two 6oz packets of each flavor, excluding lamb, so it'd most likely be a small "test". They've never had bison/fowl/salmon before.

I mean, how should I go about this with three dogs and two 6oz packets? LOL
I just don't want to purchase a 5lb bag and then not do well on it.


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I started rotating my dogs food a couple of weeks ago, ToTW is a food that I do believe is fine for rotations. My dogs rotate between flavors of GO! and NOW! but I also have Acana Ranchlands and Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato. My dogs have had no digestive upset, and are doing GREAT! I also periodically give them a can of Merrick, as they LOVE it!

I decided that I dont like to eat the same thing day after day, why should I feed my dogs that way.

So no, I think you can just feed them the different flavor, they'll thank you for it!


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No, for TOTW you don't have to. Because it is just a change between flavors and not complete formulas like completely switching food is.

BTW, the salmon one (my group's favorite) is extremely smelly even through the bag. We feed this when we travel long distances with the whole pack. It stunk up the entire car for 23 hours, not pleasant. The Fowl one didn't have much of an oder, thankfully. I never tried the buffalo or lamb one.