"Salut"(means HELLO) from Romania


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My name is Marcel, and as you can tell from the title i'm from Romania. I will ask you to have patiance with my writing skills in english, sometimes i will do some mistakes, so please don't get made on me for that.
Ok. So, the reason i joined this community is because finaly i got my dog that i wanted from the time that i was myself a puppy. I love this breed. It's a husky. I know that for everybody his own dog is the pretiest, but it's clear to me that my puppy it's the most beautiful dog i have ever seen. She's 7 weeks now and i managed to train the sit and down positions. Clearlly in the most cases i have to have a treat for her to do this things, but every day she is geting better.
Because i'm a rookie at training i won't be able to give you top advices, but i will share with you my experiences that i will go through with training my husky.
So by for now. And love your friend every moment of the day.



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Hello, and welcome. And YEA! another husky owner! I just recently adopted a husky from the Humane Society. :) She is a HOOT!