Sacco Carts?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by lorina, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. lorina Experienced Member

    So a friend of mine wants to start training his dog to mush on wheels. I've heard about Sacco Carts - they look expensive. Any general information on them? Anyone have any plans for building their own dog cart? Opinions? Basically anything to do with sledding/carting you want to say?:dogblink:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    What is a sacco cart?
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Can't say that I've heard of Sacco carts...I've hooked up my Rottie mix to various mobile objects because he loves to pull, but I don't really get into the mushing thing. Here in Texas snow isn't exactly easy to find! :D Lol. Really I think it'd be relatively easy to build a cart, although time consuming.
  4. lorina Experienced Member

    A sacco cart is like a sled on wheels... I don't know how to put pictures on here, but it looks a bit like a go cart but it's a lot lighter and obviously, is pulled by dogs.
  5. salabbott New Member

    Scco Cart

    I own one! I found a cross GermShep/Husky at the pound. He had been there for two months because he was too strong - was pulling grown men over. After I rescued him I spent about a year getting him fit (he was about 20lbs underweight when I found him). I kept saying "what this dog needs is a chariot!". I researched and found info on the Sacco. I eventually found one and bought it, second-hand.

    It is the greatest "chariot" and Beaner, my dog, LOVES it. Happy to tell more to anyone else who may be interested in it.
  6. jazzycat New Member

    Hello. I just adopted a husky from the local shelter last week, and I really want something for her to pull. I am going to get a walky dog so she can run with me on my bike, but I would LOVE to have one of these carts! Where did you find a used one? Thanks!
  7. salabbott New Member

    Sacco Cart

    Hi there: I just kept putting the name into things like Google and Craig's List. One day I got a hit on Craig's List and it just happened to be an hour away! Best of luck.

  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    In the winter you can get your husky to pull you on skis, that is what I do in the winter. :)
  9. jazzycat New Member

    I could, if it snowed here. :D Unfortunately, Savannah, Georgia is very hot and humid, and it only snows here about every 12-15 years or something, and then the snow melts by midday. So I need something that can pull on concrete or grass/dirt. I knew what I was getting into when I adopted her, and I really want to honor the breed and what she was bred to do. IF I was any good on rollerblades, I would let her pull me on skates. But I suck on wheels, and my ex's shoulder was dislocated when he was blading with his border collie, and he is excellent on skates. So I figured I would stick to the bicycle and try to find some other way for her to pull me. That is how I discovered the carts, researching that. I am all ears if anyone has any ideas about this. :)
  10. salabbott New Member


    That's what I love about the Sacco... can take it almost anywhere - roads, grass, gravel and Beaner just loves it. If anyone can tell me how to upload a pic here I will gladly upload a pic of Beaner and his "chariot".:dogtongue2:
  11. shirleyj Active Member

    I have found a used one here in OR but do not know what to offer her as I do not know what they sell for.. if anyone has bought new or used please let me know what you paid.. this is a two dog cart.. thank you
  12. salabbott New Member


    Mine was is fair condition and also a two dog version. I paid $750 Cdn after some negotiation. Best of luck!
  13. kecia New Member

    Sacco in OR

    If it's the one selling for 900 that is quite a fair price especially if it has both the outriggers. These carts aren't being imported at this time and haven't for a few years now. It was posted to a working list I'm on and may be posted to SDC if it hasn't already once it hits SDC it will go fast considering they are a great training tool and fun just to play with your dog. My friends have a couple of them and they are fun. I believe most of the outfitters for harnesses still can make harnesses for the Sacco since the harness is different that what we use on sleds, carts (other types) and scooters.
  14. vakko New Member

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  15. k9 crazed Experienced Member

    Oh thanks for posting this!The dogcartusa ones look very cool. Need to check out the other yet.
    If anyone else is interested here is my favorite video of the"old" sacco cart. So Cool!
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