Rusty - Evie's New Brother


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Well this here is Rusty. He wasn't a planned member of our family, but we couldn't say no to him when his old family no longer wanted him.

He was born on the 16th Sep, 2014, making him almost 5 months old.

Rusty is a Kelpie - purebred apparently. He's already almost as tall as Evie and only 2kgs lighter... He's going to be a big boy!

I've never had a male dog before, so it's all new to me. He's learning pretty quickly especially since he basically knew nothing before we got him

We've only had him a week and he's already learnt

- toilet training (was an outside dog before and is now an inside dog with no accidents!)
- not stealing people food
- sit
- down
- leave it
- paw
- stay (is actually really quite good at this one)

I spend most of my time trying to convince him that having a recall is a good thing, but he's not at all convinced. A bit of a shock to my system after having Evie for 3 years who's always had an amazing recall.

Rusty would also like to add that the car sucks, and he doesnt like it one bit as at his previous home he got really badly car sick on several occasions when they took him places. He hasn't been sick with us yet, and we take him somewhere nearly every day.. but he drools a LOT. But even this is becoming less and less :) So we're hoping with time and some positive reinforcement, that he'll come to love cars too!

Here's a pic or two (hundred)

Looks so innocent when he's sleeping..

Just chilling on his second day here with us

Evie showing off in front of him....

Stealing Evie's frisbee at the dog park..

A few just playing at the dog park..

Such attentive students!

So chompy!

He is, believe it or not, actually fast asleep in this photo...

Always sleeping - I forgot how much puppies sleep

I have their frisbee.... the faces say it all



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Rusty looks great. a very nice looking dog and he looks so much fun too!
5 months old is such a good age to get a dog - well it worked for me and Zac though I know that's not exactly a large sample size to make a judgement on :LOL:


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Just a quick update on this little feral.

He went to his first agility comp on the weekend (just watching of course, Evie and I were competing). He was extremely well behaved considering everything. He howled/barked/whinged a little bit when I first left him unattended at his tent, but after a minute he'd just sit/lay there quietly watching and waiting for me to return.

His recall is getting better.... which is a good thing because it certainly couldn't have gotten any worse!

Last night I had him off lead around my horses and apart from a couple of little over excited barks/growls (which we quickly redirected) he was brilliant. He was even coming back to me when I called him :D

He hasn't lunged towards the horses for quite a while now. So hopefully we'll be able to get him to a point where he's completely disinterested in horses and he'll actually be better than Evie around them!

Oh and we've been to obedience 3 times in total now and he's progressed to level 2! He's so well behaved there it's amazing. I think he likes making me look like an idiot when I tell people how unruly he is...

Annnnnnnnnnd, some more photos.

From left to right: Rusty, Evie, Mia (my sister's Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler), Skye (my brothers Husky)

Learning to be a farm dog!

The water isn't so scary after all..

I can have 100% control over these three dogs regardless of what distracting things there are around so long as I'm holding a ball :D

And no, the cattle dog doesnt live with us, it just seems that I get my camera out most often when she's around.



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I'm glad to hear how great Rusty is doing! Just be thankful that he likes to make you look stupid by being well behaved when you always say how unruly he is! It could easily be the other way around! ;)