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  1. desertwife Well-Known Member

    Hello, I really need advice with this. I have two eight month old sibling puppies (I've had since 8 weeks old) they are already over fifty pounds. One labrador who is five years old, who a neighbor gave to me because the dog would run away, shoot out his gate continuously come over here and had other behavior problems. I've had all these dogs (neutered males) about the same amount of time. I lost my two good old dogs last year from cancer so am starting over. I've taught these dogs many tricks and basic obedience, they work together in a group or even better alone. The lab will sometimes rebel in a group setting and I put him out and continue to work with the puppies with out him so he doesn't disrupt "the class" any more.
    My problem is even though I have taught them ALL to sit and wait at the gate and not go through until I tell them to, sometimes by name, Buddy, Dakota "sit stay" LUKE GO, Dakota "STAY" Buddy go etc. all though they are excited it works. they know the rules. we have several gates here that keeps them on the property for our practice. Buddy, one puppy learned NOT to chase a rabbit while I'm walking him. the first time he saw a rabbit ahead of us I almost lost an arm and got a pretty bad Nylon burn through my palm. but the second time I saw it coming and prepared my self...he hit the end of the 22 foot lead and never tried that again.

    Now, my real problem is the other day ALL three shot past me out of the front gate (dirt road no traffic, thank goodness) tuned me out completely and I had to chase them in the car to retrieve them a mile down the road. I'm sure Luke is the instigator here, but who knows? They all ignored me. I love them all so much...that day I almost hated them.

    I have a neighbor who has three male Labradors who NEVER leave his yard for any reasons when he leaves the gate open and I asked if he trained them with electric or what. He said "every time they left I dragged them home beat the %#@% out of them and put them in the kennel" I don't know if that's true, when i see his wife I'll ask her. I've never hit one of my dogs ever but I must say, I did Imagine I would like to hide behind a tree and when they run out of that gate and ignore me I'd have a two by four in my hands and smack all three in the head all at once. Of course even if I did get that crazy I'm sure they'd just jump over it and keep going! Now, I know getting siblings was probably a bad idea, but they are family now. They listen most the time...unless there's something, almost anything really, more interesting than me. I brought them to the dog park, the outside, not the inside...just to keep the excitement around them 'till I get their attention. I don't want them to be wild like the park hooligans, but to listen to me. I've brought them individually to parking lots, farmers market, pet smart and they do wonderful. They know the words stop, wait, come, but will tune me out at the times i need them to listen most. I hope someone can help me with this.thanks for any advise, Linda:dogmad:

  2. leema New Member

    I'm not sure what exactly to suggest, but here's a bit of a story that might help...

    I gave my parents a big box of dog biscuits. They put the box just outside their gate. They'd often let their boxer out to come get a biscuit with them, and then bring him back in the gate to eat it. These days, if the gate is left open, Kostja is found standing watching the box of dog biscuits. Even though he was pretty reliable before, now he is really reliable!

    Perhaps doing something similar would have results for you...
  3. sarhaspups New Member

    GREAT suggestion Leema!! I would of never thought of that and it's so logical!! Thanks for sharing!! I learned something new too!! I bet it works. I did/do something simular with the dogs not going into the kitchen, I feed them at the threshold of the kitchen when they are all sitting there. They don't go in b/c they get fed outside the kitchen. That is the same concept!! Awesome!
  4. leema New Member

    sarhas, you're so enthused! Haha. He's a pretty thick dog, too. ;)

    I am planning to set up something similar near our front door. Mac is fine, but Clover often finds the need to run under a bush and take her time coming out again... She gives us this devilish look when she does it. I have been jackpotting her for coming back in the front door ever (she's good when my OH comes home so I use that time to call her back in, and then reward her with enthusiasm). Same concept, though. She gets fed inside not out. :)
  5. traxxie New Member

    Leema, That is a great idea. I'm going to do that with my dogs at the door to proof them not running outside.

    Desertwife - It sounds like something STRONGLY drew the dogs out. Keep working with them at the gate and reinforcing that they not go out, but know that they're not 100%.
  6. desertwife Well-Known Member

    Thank all of you for your advice. I've made it a point the last few days to make all three SIT and "WAIT!" until I release each of them by name, every time I open a door or gate. If one starts to come out without being called he gets a firm "AH"! BACK, WAIT"! one day I even waisted time at the car with the gate open and they all ended up laying down inside the gate just looking at me. Thing is...I must be consistant. Also, at the door I found throwing my leg infront of them with the "WAIT"! made them all take me more seriously, sit, wait and calm down. So, I'm going to keep my walking stick handy...just to block them until the re-group. They love to get meat for treats when they learn and we play. But, I noticed a difference in their demeanor when I put my foot down about this "shooting out a gate or door" ahead of me thing. They get praised after the fact but no treat. They seem to be thinking "oh my, she is serious about this...isn't she"?
  7. sarhaspups New Member

    Sounds like you are off to a good start Desertwife. You can also start making them wait for everything, if you crate your dog, have them wait until you release them before they can come out, have them wait to eat until you release them to eat, have them wait until you release them for as much as you can....etc. reinforce the waiting for your que, it makes them really learn to pay attention to you. And you are right, consistancy is most important! Good luck!! Let us know how it goes.

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