Rough Housing


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Hi i was just wondering if there was a proper way to rough house or wrestle around with your dog. How would another dog try to play with a different dog.

Jean Cote

Staff member
Tip: Don't use your hands. If you use your hands, they become a toy and eventually could lead to bites, etc.

The best solution I can give you is to play with toys, especially tugging. While tugging you can be a lot rougher by giving pats on the sides, etc. But obviously, never do anything that hurts the dog.


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I allow mouthing, but have two rules:
1) Mouthing is only allowed on invitation (I use the word "vicious" because I think it's funny)
2) Mouthing must end immediately on cue (I use the word "cuddly")

My tugging games are also commenced on the condition that the toys are given when asked.