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    My brother and I are thinking about getting another dog and we went to go through someone real and someone who is a real breeder, one that we can trust that this is a good breeder. We already have one dog, a little rat terrier and we didn't do our homework as well for him and we got him as a baby and he had a little bit of a hip problem that with one accident, he dislocated it and it's been a long road to recovery as well as a 3200 dollar bill. We live in washington state, does any one know any reputable breeders that have puppies or puppies that will be ready to be sold in about 2 or 3 months? We have a house so plenty of room for a rottweiler but I dont trust myself to find a good breeder on google because that's how I found a "reputable breeder" for Kiba. Please, we need help with this and these dogs are too important and expensive to be getting a massive dog with a lot of health problems. Thanks for your help, guys!

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    Sorry I can't help you (I don't live in the US). But keep in mind that a pedigree dog still is no guarantee that the dog will be completely healthy. A rottweiler is a big dog and hipedysplasia (HD) and elbowdyslplasia ED) occur within the breed. Something to keep in mind when you don't have a big buffer to fall back on (more food alo for example). Make sure you are aware of the character/nature of the breed as rotties are strong dogs which need a confident owner.

    How to recognize a bad breeder:
    - multiple breeds (a good breeder won't breed with more than 2 breeds).
    - no health tests (so not tested for HD, ED etc., vet health chech does not count)
    - breeding with a dog younger than 2 years
    - pups don't grow up inside the house, but in a barn (no socialisation)
    - exaggerating the built which comprimises the dogs health/ability to move freely
    - incest (cousin with cousin etc.)

    Good luck finding the right breeder.
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