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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by rw3272, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. rw3272 New Member

    Hello everybody, I am the proud owner of Teasel a 12 week old Italian Spinone bitch. She is lovely, mostly housetrained though she hasn't quite figured out how to ask to be let out yet and has the occasional widdle inside after excitement. This is prehaps 2/3 accidents per week so I assume this is fairly normal and will improve with time, she is completely clean overnight in her crate. I was considering training her to ring a bell to be let out... but need to get a bell first!

    Anyway, my main question is how much of a risk is there in confusing her with training. At the moment she sits very well on a verbal command and we're working on generalising this in different locations. She will also lie down inside (not outside atm unless it is dry... she doesn't like to get her belly wet!). She does get mixed up occasionally between lie down and sit so I am going to introduce hand signals to help clarify things. She comes reliably indoors and out without distractions to 4 pips of a whislte, we are bulding distractions carefully. She is also learning "on-your-mat", will happily lie on it now so we are changing locations and increasing the length of time on it.

    Is it ok to train for a few very different behavoirs at once, or does this risk confusing her? For example I would like to teach her to sit at doors and when I stop walking, and start shaping a retrieve as she is reluctant to do this. Obviously I would do this in different sessions and continue working on the behavoirs she is already getting the hang of.

    Look forwards to your input and future training!


    p.s. incase anyone is under the illusion that she is a little angel... she pulled the table cloth off the table complete with bottle of wine and glasses, and will quite happily follow anybody who shows her any attention in the park!

  2. szecsuani Experienced Member

    If the behaviours are different, you can train more tricks at a time.
    I'm teaching 6 different tricks right now... :D Always working on the one that suits my mood, or what Pami offers:) And I usually work on 3 in one session. So I guess you can terach more tricks at a time.
    But not that much at first. I guess Pami doesn't get confused with these many tricks, because she is an experienced "clicker-dog".. :) So with a pup, work on just 2 at a time, maybe in separate sessions...
  3. snooks Experienced Member

    start with one thing and add more as she masters the ones you have so far. keep the sessions short to do only5-6 per session while she's a puppy and just add or subtract depending on if she stays interested and engaged. if she starts glazing over you're going too long. do more short sessions rather than long ones with lots of stuff. dogs can develop a huge repertoire but then need to be interested and having fun. puppies have short attention spans so work with that.
  4. rw3272 New Member

    Thanks guys, she has a great attention span as long as there are treats on offer and will often continue the behavoir we have been working on long after the session in an attempt to earn more :)
  5. snooks Experienced Member

    that's perfect. you want puppy raring to go the next time u train. better to stop too early than have a bored pup wander off or get frustrated. good work!

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