Reverse weave


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I have a Border Collie who knows some great tricks. However, I have been wanting to teach her to backwards weave thru my legs for a while now, and can't seem to find any information how to teach it; short of signing up for a freestyle class. She can already weave forawards thru my legs and backs up, but we can't seem to put it together. She is clicker trained as well. Any suggestions would be great. I am stumped on this one.


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Is she OK with hands on to guide her? If you could back her through your legs, and tap her side to get her to lean into you (whilst still reversing)?

I've never taught my dog this, so dont have any experience to draw on, sorry.


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When I taught this trick, UI started with teaching my dog to back between my legs, but with a little twist.
We start with standing face to face, and she has to turn 180, and go backwards, until she comes between my legs.
After we had this to a hand signal, I toaught the same thing, but she had to turn into the opposite direction.
If you have this two, you just have to put them together.
Sorry, I can't explain it better in English... :(