Returning After 2 Years :p


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Wow.. this site has changed since I was later here.. about 2 years ago.... ;P I got married and well my life changed as well.
I am happy to see Jean is still the admin! :) Where did your training video's go? lol :p
I guess I need to re-learn the site lol

I didn't really didn't much training with my dachshund Luke. And I forgot how rewarding it really was and decided to give it a a go again to night.. and wow! He is still such a fast learner... Dogs never fail to impress me :) Luke is now 4 and still eager to learn! :) Well I am happy to be back!



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Welcome back!!!:D Congrats on your wedding!!! Luke is ADORABLE!!!!:love: Hey, I see you're from Canada too!!:)