Retrieving Outside


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Sage is happy to retrieve inside, but when outside she wants to only run out about 4 feet then stop to come back. Her ears are forward and she seems to enjoy looking at the toys but then wants me to go get it! Any suggestions?


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We have inconsistencies in playing Fetch too... someone on another forum suggested beginning with c/t for any attention given to the ball, then progressing upwards from there...

Or perhaps there are just too many other distractions outdoors? Some dogs are all about balls and others aren't...


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Sage is 2. She is a Labrador retriever. She loves fetching in the house but when outside prefers to hang out with us. Even if we are rolling balls she perks right up then looks at me like "that was neat". Tail always wagging.


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How about a training treat pocket...which she has to bring back to you to get the food out? Use something stinky and meaty inside like jerky or such. We used these in agility to get direction and return down and it still works beautifully for my dogs. They velcro shut and the dog must learn the secret to the food is bringing it back to you.

You start by feeding them out of the pocket---not ur hands. Ask for sit then click or verbal yess and open pouch and let them take a bit. I usually have to hold it partly closed exposing a couple of pieces or my older dog will wolf it all down. :doglaugh: This same principle also works with a can of squeeze cheese b/c they can't get it out unless they bring it to you. I only suggest this for soft mouth dogs that already know to bring and give it to you. Puncturing the can would be bad... Any way after you teach them that they eat out of it as a reward you toss it very close and ask them to bring and give it to you. You might have to do a little pre-work on leave-it, take-it, and give with some kibble and chicken. Low value kibble leave it reward with higher value chicken or beef etc.

I found some great pouches at A very tempting bunny fur one might make the object more interesting. My girls love their bunny bags. Clean Run: Bunny Jackpot & Tug Toy


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Try gradually increasing the distance you throw her up from the 4ft she currently has as her 'limit'.

I agree with snooks to make the 'game' more exciting for her, and to reinforce to her that bringing the toy to you is great! Perhaps increasing the value of the reward when she brings you her toy would help? Also you could try ignoring her when she doesn't fetch the toy, perhaps keep looking at the toy and slowly walk towards it, then when she brings it give her heaps of praise...sounds like lots of interaction with you would work well for you as a form of praise for her?