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As you might have guessed from the title, I'm in the UK and own a small seventeen week old short-haired Border Collie named "Ellie", who we rescued from a shelter at twelve weeks of age.

She has just completed her six week puppy training course, where she won the prizes for learning the best trick -- spinning around -- and we start her training towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen (Bronze) award this evening.

Our ultimate aim is to compete in competitive obedience and do agility for fun, but it really depends on how she turns out. All we know is that she comes from working parents on a farm.

It's a really great site you have here and the quality of the lessons is exceptional. Long may it continue. Thanks to Jean for adding the "Around" lesson, which is what I came here looking for. Thanks Jean!

Jean Cote

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Hi CollieMan!

:welcome: to the website :dogbiggrin:!

It's really cool how all you guys are coming to this website from all over the world. I'm glad that this website helps new dog owners to train their dog, because dog tricks training really opens up the door to any kind of training.

It is going to be interesting once I get to the later lessons which I will show how to "shape" behaviors, such as picking up chess pieces with their mouth and putting it in it's box. (Yes it's an actual trick!) So there is still a lot of work to be done on the website, but I must say that I'm pretty pleased with the results thus far.

Have fun training your new found best friend! :msncool:

Jean Cote

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By the way CollieMan, you should post a picture of your pup border collie! I like border collies :dogbiggrin: