Removing The Eau De Urine.


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So we've all been there, and we've done that..I'm sure.
Dogs, pee. Sometimes, they pee in the not so wonderful of places especially when they are puppies.
But this is something we understand, although reluctantly when we decide to persue the wonders of getting furbabies.

With that being said... What ways have you found successful in removing the smell and PREVENTING them from going back to the same places? My dogs are now 9 months.. and they of course had their share of accidents and I have tried very hard to remove the stains, and the smell from the carpet.
I rented a steam cleaner, and that worked... for the most part aesthetically. I saw this and I've read the reviews...

It seems like it's worth a try, but I'm honestly looking at doing to my whole upstairs level (specifically my room, and the hall way as those were the issue areas in the past) I want the dogs to stop entirely, although not an issue for us anymore since we keep on top of ensuring they goto the bathroom... the issue is when we aren't home to do so and my roommates are watching the dogs. I guess the main issue is definitely the smell, it's embarrassing... so, any success stories? Have you also tried the above linked recipe? any advice?



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Get it professionally cleaned. That should get rid of the smell.

But there probably isn't much point in paying for that if the dogs are still having accidents. Otherwise you can get enzymatic cleaners that are supposed to help remove the urine and odour.

Also, clean up the urine straight away so it doesn't soak into the carpet.

I've only ever had small dogs so even during the toilet training the house didn't smell (we have only ever had two puppies, 9 years apart, and had to toilet train Skye). I guess it would be more of a problem with larger dogs, especially two at the same time.


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The thing is, if the urine has soaked into the pad below, you can clean the carpet all you want - that pad is still going to smell (at least to the dog). First, get a black light and find out everywhere there's pee. Get something like Nature's Miracle and soak the carpet and the pad, pour it, don't just spray it on top with a spray bottle. While it sounds nice (to just spray it), it's not going to remove anything that's soaked in. It would be nice if it all stayed on top when they peed - but you know in reality, that doesn't happen. It soaks in. Soak up all that liquid with towels (you don't want a soppy carpet). Then clean it. But - as was mentioned above, unless you make sure your dogs always have access to the potty, they're gonna continue to go where they've already found a nice, routine potty area.