Release Cue


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What realease cue do you use. I'm debating wether or not to keep the cue okay or to change it. I'm kinda using okay and brake for Brody but I think I should pick one so he dosen't get confused.


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I use "OK!!!!!" in a VERY high-pitched voice.:) It's high-pitched so Shivon doesn't confuse it with the "okay" used in everyday life. It's very effective.(y)


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I use free and ok. Actually there is a difference in the use of these words. Free is we are finished and you can go play/sniff. And ok means you can stop what you were doing(sit-stay/down-stay/wait) and I am going to give a new cue.
I did try release, but I keep blurting out ok or free... So it sounded like this...ok, oh no wait, uhm release...:oops::ROFLMAO: Confusing for them and me...
They know the difference between an ok used in conversation and an ok meant for them. Mainly because I always ask for eyecontact.


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I use 'that'll do' simply because I got into the habit of that one with my collies doing trials etc. It is not something that is used in everyday conversation much and it is quick and simple to use.