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  1. Marcelo New Member

    My name is Marcelo and I'm from Argentina. I have a female German shepherd and tomorrow comes a puppy border collie (female too). I practice Agility with her and I teach my dog basic things using clicker (and I use it to improve performance in Agility too), but I want to add more tricks, and I hope that your methods help me to do that. Thanks in advance, sorry about my English, but is not my first language. Bye..
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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Welcome to DTA! :) I'm sure you'll find lots of ideas on here.

    I always wanted a German shepherd but my family are too scared :confused: so I have a sighthound mix that thinks he is a doberman :ROFLMAO:.

    What are your dogs called and how is your puppy settling in?
  3. Marcelo New Member

    Thank you running_dog!!. My German Shepherd dog is called Zasha (2 and a half years old) and the border collie puppy is called Gwynt (60 days..). They play all the time and have become close friends, but now I try to separate them a bit to get started with training without bothering each other and to rest and get on with the rest of the activities.
    These days I'm starting to teach some basic things to the BC using clicker, eager to start with things more fun and basic movements of Agility. Thank you for your interest, see you!!
  4. running_dog Honored Member

    I'm glad your dogs get along, I used to have to keep our dogs separate because our old dog played too rough for Zac, now Zac plays too rough for most other dogs :rolleyes:.

    I'm only just starting using a clicker, Zac loves it. Gwynt is well off to have an active life of clicker training and agility ahead of her!

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