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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by MaryK, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Ra Kismet is very good at recall, in the garden anyway, not fully tested outside yet. Though he was coming at the pooch park, after he's thoroughly explored every inch!

    However, today we had "recall with a twist".

    He had been playing with his soccer ball, not unusual of course, and to get him to leave and come to do some 'serious' training, I asked him to come and bring his ball. Which he did with much glee and offered up his 'paw on ball trick'. Duly rewarded and asked again to leave his ball we set about training.

    Some time later, after going through all his tricks, working more on 'say your prayers' and 'shy', still a couple of wee problems to be ironed out there, we went onto his heel work and recall.

    Heel work went well, he stuck to me like glue, despite the soccer ball sitting very temptingly in his path. Much praise and of course lots of click/treats for this heroic effort! You could say 'duty above and beyond etc.' as he didn't even glance sideways at his ball and he KNEW it was there.

    However, when it came to 'sit/stay/recall' his 'inner soccer player' got the better of him:rolleyes:.

    He did a perfect sit/stay but his recall was a little 'different'.

    Normally he flies down as soon as I cue him. Today however, he still flew down but with a slight difference!

    He collected his soccer ball from the sidelines,I thought he was about to go into full scale soccer mode, but no the little chap came flying down dribbling his soccer ball along with him. And presented me with 'paw on ball' and a perfect sit.

    Not quite the recall I had in mind, but as it was just so cute, and he looked so very, very pleased with himself, of course he got click/treat and praise.

    Wonder if this is a new 'trick' or should it be added to the curriculum of heel and obedience training!

    Just wish I could have captured it on video or camera. He was just so cute and so very proud of his effort.:)
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    That's sooo CUTE!!!!!!:love::D He blended 2 commands into 1, so adorable!!!! "Mom, can we play now???"
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes Dogster he was allowed to play after that cutie trick:D Actually looked a bit 'surprised' I think he wanted to go on training, possible with his soccer ball:LOL: We'd trained for ages though so I decided he needed a thoroughly good 'playtime'.

    Am wondering what other tricks he'll teach me with his ball, or any I could teach him. LOL almost requires major surgery to part him from it most of the time.:rolleyes:
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  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    :D:LOL: Reminds me of my old boy Sherman (now at The Bridge), always had his tennis ball with him, no matter where he went, I always found it funny and so much fun! I totally get that 'surgery' remark!! :LOL::ROFLMAO:

    As for his recall and training, it sounds like he did GREAT and during that recall, he did it - he just grabbed that ball on the way back - and hey, you didn't ask him to come back sans ball, so he figured what the heck, maybe he'd give you an idea, and presto, it worked!:ROFLMAO: I like his style! (Besides, when you're a pro-ballplayer, you always have your ball with you anyway). :cool:
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL Yes Jackie Rakins sounds just like your old boy Sherman. So cute and it sure is heaps of fun:D He always makes me laugh, best headache, stress and blues cure around:D Never need a headache pill, just go out side with Rakins and play soccer with him, never fails!

    Good point(y) I didn't ask him to come sans ball! He sure is a thinking dog!(y):ROFLMAO:

    Thank you, I always think he's got style:D He's working really well with close heel work, off the lead at home and we're practicing on the lead on our walks some of the time the greater part is loose lead as I am like you, like my dogs to have a good sniff and enjoy their walks. Has to remain on the lead, that's the law, when on the streets and he's not quite ready yet to 'fly solo' anyway in the few places where they can walk off the lead! He did well at the pooch park, want to take him there again but it's over and hour's walk one way, partner isn't always in the mood to drive us there:(

    Of course, and when I can eventually get him into Dancing with Dogs, I had better work out a number which involves a soccer ball, with suitable music of course. He's a pro that's for sure:cool: Maybe sans the mud though, wait until I can upload pics of Rakins after soccer practice in the mud and rain you'll see one very happy, very muddy dog!:rolleyes::LOL:
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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    You could do a cover of "Singing in the Rain"- "Soccer in the Rain":D:giggle:
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  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    That is a great idea, I LOVE that!!! Mary, you outta work with that one, you could incorporate that soccer ball somehow (you just have to anyway, cuz that would be the perfect reward for him mid-routine), it's got a nice beat, etc. I can see it now, it gives it a whole new take! :LOL: One of the instructors of our freestyle class does "Singin' in the Rain' with her dog and does an adorable routine, complete with umbrella, etc - it's so cute. I LOVE your idea, Dogster!!! (y):D
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  8. Dogster Honored Member

    Heehee, thanks!!!:D
  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Dogster and Jackie, you'll never believe this, but it's true, that song has been running in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Dogster I'll definitely use that for his routine - Soccer in the Rain:D(y)

    LOL sure will have to incorporate the soccer ball somehow, it would be a good reward for the boy.:D Ideas will start flowing I'm sure.

    The beat is good, it's catchy, easy 4/4 timing too. Everyone knows the tune, that always gets the crowds in and it's PERFECT for Rakins:love::LOL:

    Now all I need is to get him into a class somehow. It's not taking off in Adelaide quite the same way as it has in other States:( But I always firmly believe, set your mind to something and it happens! Will have to download the tune and at least start working on some choreography, always pays to listen to a tune over and and over to get the chorrie right.

    Costumes, dog's are not allowed to wear more than just a 'fancy' collar right? Will have to think about the 'right' type of collar for Rakins. I could wear David Beckham's shirt, if that's not copyrighted, with football shorts. Little goal set up PERFECT!!!!!!!!(y)(y):love:
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

    :giggle: That sounds CUTE as heck!!! Can't wait to see it!!!!:D
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Can wait to start either:D Just gotta get the boy into a class somewhere. I'll also do a search for vids showing how to start teaching your dog dancing, we can practice at home, room is a bit of an issue LOL may have to turn up the volume (when partner's not around) and practice outside - the neighbors will love me:eek:

    And once I can get the music, shouldn't be too hard, will play it over to Rakins, so he's familiar with the tune:D

    Are you allowed to actually hold the dogs paws, as if he's your partner? Rakins and I already 'dance' sometimes LOL he does get a bit carried away though on ocassions:LOL: A proper routine would give him something to think about and he LOVES to use his mind!
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  12. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Oh I can't wait to see this, I love all your ideas!! (y):D I sure wish we were all closer -- why is there an ocean and a zillion miles in between us???? :confused:

    We only took one 6wk session, didn't keep going after our session finished, Makena's reactivity made it just too hard for her in class (she was kind of at the height, and it was just too much for her, even tho we were in the corner, etc, altho now she could probably do ok). I think holding his paws for a little bit and doing something would be just fine. Watch a lot of routines and you can get an idea of what people do. There aren't so many rules as much as dogs knowing 'tricks', obedience behaviors, hand gestures, body gestures, etc, and you figuring out how to incorporate them to the beat/music. It's amazing what they learn from us, what we teach them, etc. It's so much fun!!! 'Our song' was "Pretty Woman" -- it's funny, in the first class they played a load of songs, and each dog/handler team walks around the room until they notice the dog really responding to a song - wouldn't you know Makena perked all up to that one?? Her nickname is "Diva-girl" (not cuz she is, I just call her my diva):LOL: - figures Pretty Woman would catch her ear. :ROFLMAO: It was really fun working out some kind of routine, just walking back/forth to the beat, learning to walk forward and both turn to the outside and walk back (from where we just came) at the same time, stuff like that. I felt like we were rockstars when we were doing it, it was a blast!! :LOL: I keep fooling around with it here once in a while, just cuz it's fun - and don't remember what we did exactly, cuz it was a few years ago. If there's not room in the house, do it in the yard when weather permits. Altho you can do little bits in the house, cuz you start with just small little bits and work up - just keep adding on, kind of like chaining in training.

    Don't wait for a class, just have fun, and see what you can put together. You'll have so much fun!!! Go for it!!! :LOL::cool:
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  13. sara Moderator

    Oliver's been invited to a class, but I dont know how well he'll do with his reactivity either. though I think he'll do better in a class with a bunch of dogs doing tricks and working, than the classes we've gone to before. He loves doing tricks and the only way to keep him from fixating on the other dogs is to constantly do tricks! LOL
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  14. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Sara, the only way we even made it thru that class was because we were really busy working, and constantly moving - otherwise, there were far too many dogs in close quarters, and at any other time, she'd have melted down. Makena was at the height of her issues tho, and when that class was over, I just couldn't handle any more, and that's when we started fully concentrating on her issues instead of going to any other classes. I'd love to take the class again and even go further (they have just a continuing freestyle class, you can just keep going and going and going ... ) but can't afford to do both Nosework (which is continuing) and Freestyle -- so at least I can do Nosework with both dogs (at home, only class with Makena), so that was my choice for classes -- and just play around with freestyle on our own.

    It will be interesting to see how Oliver does, but I'm sure the class would be fun. Can't wait to hear. :D
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    I wish we lived closer too it's just not fair:cry::confused:

    Well have made a start already(n):LOL: Got the lyrics (had forgotten some of them and boy do they suit both Rakins and I) PLUS found a vid on YouTube with Gene Kelly singing and dancing to the song!(y)(y) Just watching his chorrie gave me ideas (I'm a HUGE fan of Gene Kelly, thank goodness there are films and vids).

    Through the opening dee dee dah bit I could 'stroll' on a bit 'cocky wise' and take position in front of goal post. Rakins would be sitting with paw on ball. Then he would 'shoot' for goal and (haven't marked the bars yet) I think it's around the 3/4 bar (maybe out on that for the present) he could 'show his enthusiasm' by either doing a jumping turn or jumping on my back, waving at crowd (like a real soccer player of course). Then we could move onto 'walking' type moves - that's as far as I've got at present - except for the ending where the copper comes over to Gene - gave me an idea to 'red card' Rakins - not sure how he will respond - either 'shy/shame' or roll over. Gotta think this all through yet:D

    LOL and yes Makena sure would suit Pretty Women!:love: It's a great tune too for dancing with dogs and she's a diva.:LOL:(y)(y) It's a shame her issues got in the way, as I am sure she'd do really well at DWD:D I think with Rakins, once he settled at class which may take a bit of doing, he'd be fine as the dogs there would be friendly, he gets on well with dogs he can meet who are friendly.

    Will start playing the vid to Rakins (took a massive chance on 'go slow speed' and downloaded it must be right on limit by now). And walking up and down to it, I am sure he'd like the tune, and he wouldn't get too over excited either as he does with really fast numbers.

    Can work on bits as you suggested in doors and after that it's watch out neighbors here comes Rakins - LOL maybe put a 'hat' outside do a bit of busking:ROFLMAO:

    He's getting well used to me 'swinging my legs over him' while he sits, will sit while I 'walk over him and 'hold' him between my legs (not sure yet what to call this trick) which is of course, step one to having him put his paws on my feet and walk (gotta find a vid as to how to move to this step). (Walking down the lane to a happy refrain maybe this would suit that part).

    Also found a good vid for how to teach the walking with one paw extended (she didn't give a name though). Started with paw on leg, then moved on.

    Glad they can 'hold paws' for a little while, he LOVES doing that LOL though it just may have to incorporate a few 'kissy,kissy'moments - that's kinda part of the deal:D

    As you can see I'm not waiting for class, it's just to much FUN:LOL:(y) Actually makes teaching tricks even more FUN (as if they aren't already fun) as I love to dance, love music and of course ADORE/LOVE my Rakins = perfect combination:love::D

    Any ideas on the chorrie sure would be appreciated, don't hesitate to jump in I'm not precious about my chorrie:D
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    Sara would love to see how Oliver goes, it may well help him to over come his issues. As Jackie says, lots of dogs but all moving and focusing on their humans and what they are supposed to be doing.

    Go for it Sara and Oliver - Next DWD STARS!!!!!!!!!!!:LOL:
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  17. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Mary, had to post one of my fav freestyle videos (yes, it's a Christmas one, but Christmas is coming up). It's by Szecsuani and her little dog Pami from Hungary. She's a member of DTA and still posts every now and again. She's just amazing, I think she did this video a few years ago when she was maybe 16? I'm thinking she must be around 19 or so now, and last she posted she's not only doing freestyle competitively, but is also now doing agility. Any of you long-timers remember her? Thought it might give you some ideas of some 'bits and pieces' you can start working on. I have a few other video favs if you want to PM me, I"ll give you the links, don't want to bore everyone with them, but I found them easy to 'lift' bits from as a kind of launching point. Szecsuani still drops in every now and then - wow if she does now, pick her brain, cuz she's a freestyle whiz, and you could ask her lots -- and she was always happy to share how she trained Pami. :)
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  18. sara Moderator

    I remember her! I LOVE Pami! She is sooooooooo adorable! And Szecsuani is so good!
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  19. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Aww good, Sara, glad you remember little Pami, she just melted me into a puddle. :love:
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  20. sara Moderator

    Me too! Something about the scruffy face :)
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