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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by Samantha-May Dunn, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Samantha-May Dunn New Member

    So Coco has some Recall training but not alot. He is ok in the house with it and out in the garden but if you try it outside he just doesn't listen when there are other dogs and children around cause he just wants to play. :rolleyes:Any advice?;)
    Website links and video links are helpful too.:LOL:

  2. fly30 Experienced Member

    He likes playing ? Why not play with him when you go for a walk ? Take a ball and play, but I mean like mad. They love it when we are mad. Throw the ball, he gets it. After a while he'll understand that you play and throw it again if he brings it back. When he's back, give him a treat and play again.
  3. Samantha-May Dunn New Member

    Yes he loves playing. I have started taking a mini football and one of the ball launchers with me now however I would also like for him to do it just walking around the street when he isn't playing. I would love to have him so obedient that he doesn't always need to be on a leash.(y)
    Thanks for your help for in the park though :)
  4. fly30 Experienced Member

    I know some people use a very long leash (maybe it's called a lead, I don't know in english). I have never used one but they say it is efficient. Maybe you should search in that direction.
  5. Samantha-May Dunn New Member

    Ok, thanks again for your help :)
  6. running_dog Honored Member

    There are two threads already on here that you might also find interesting.

    There is one with an ongoing detailed description and discussion of recall training of a dog (Oka) that runs off to play with other dogs and there is one with a video of recall games.

    There is a difference between "not always on a leash" and "always not on a leash". I may not have understood you correctly but I'd be really careful about off leash on any street if that is really what you mean. The best trained dog in the world can get startled by something and run out in front of a car. One of the local dog owners is being prosecuted because his dog ran into the side of a moving car and dented it. The dog died.
  7. Anneke Honored Member

    I have trained my dog's recall with play too. Similar to the way FLY30 discribes. Only I had a tugtoy with me. She has to come to me and stay with me to play that way.
    Don't expect an overnight change;) It takes a lot of work to get a great recall.
    Try taking treats along on your walk, besides the bal or tug. And reward every time he looks at you, either with a treat or toy. That way you make yourself a great person to be with and in time, he will choose to come to you instead of that great distraction.
    Here is the way I went about it.
    Start in a save area(at home or in the backyard) Invite your dog to come play, by running away, showing your tug or ball.
    As soon as your dog catches up with you, you throw a play party. Praise, cheer, play, just go nuts! I have a cue for this, besides my usual recall. Wen I say i'm gonnaaaa sssssssmooooke yaaaa, Jinx will break her play with another dog and come running to me. As soon as your dog does this consistantly in you distaction free area, you can start doing it outdoors, slowly building up the distractions.
    Remenber that playing with other dogs is a huge reinforcement for a dog, while coming to you usually means they go on lead and leave.
    So when you have your dog playing with another dog, just call him, play with him and then let him go do his thing again.
    Then call, play, put him on lead and leave. Switch between the two, so you become unpredictable.
    If you stick with it, you will get a great recall, but I have found it one of the most difficult things to teach my dog!!
  8. fly30 Experienced Member

    Anneke, it's exactly what I meant. Be the most important, the most interesting thing in the world for your dog and when he has a choice, you'll be first chosen.
    You have to build complicity with your dog, and that means playing non stop when you are with him and especially outside.
  9. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Recall is definitely one of the hardest things to teach (cuz by virtue of it being a 'recall' - it means they're on their own, and have to make that decision that yes, they choose YOU over what they're doing). When you're working on it, make sure you have high value treats, and until you have it perfected, in high-distraction areas, only call Coco to you when you're positive she'll come to you. Don't give her the option of ignoring you. If it's possible she will, then don't call her. If you're out playing and you see her running toward you - call her when she's already 1/2 or 2/3 of the way there (cuz you know she's coming) - then reward, and send her on her way back to play. :p HUH??? I was going to see mom and I got a reward, cool! It will eventually become habit - mom calls, I run like the wind, cuz it always is good. Practice it, practice it, and practice it some more. Practice it playing - ask him to come (when you KNOW he will), reward (always!!!), and send him off. Practice it playing in the yard, in the house, on walks, in the neighbors yard, in the parking lot at the store (on a slow day, using a long line), at the beach (using a long line), just everywhere -- so he gets the idea that he needs to respond everywhere, all the time, not just in the house when it's boring, and he has nothing else going on. Again, it's a dog thing - they have to learn to generalize. "Come!" or whatever word you're using .. means you come to me right now, no matter where you are, what you're doing, and you do it right now (BUT - it doesn't always means the fun is over - that's why it's so important to call, reward, and send them off to continue playing).
  10. Samantha-May Dunn New Member

    Thank you everyone. I will try all these methods starting Monday morning as the weekend is Coco's relaxing time :)
    I'm sure that he will pick it up eventually but like you all say it is a difficult thing to teach and will probably take the longest time

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