Rat Terrier Anyone?


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It is I again. This time I am looking for information on Rat Terriers. In researching energetic small dogs I was pointed in the direction of the Rat Terrier. Looking for energetic, fun small dog that can go, go, go. Won't be getting another dog for couple of years, just researching for when the time is right. I was pointed at the rat terrier by a jack russell terrier rescue because I was told they tend to do better with smaller children. My kids have been raised with dogs and we wont get another til they are 5 & 7. Tell me what you think of rat terriers.


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Sorry, i don't know, but i'm sure someone around here will, but in the meantime, it is amazing what one can learn online, simply by typing in, "rat terrier"....1000s of sites will pop up. If you keep hearing the same thing over and over as you peruse the various sites, i'd listen to it.
But, it IS way more fun and insightful to hear directly from those who live with the breed, of course, every dog is unique.

But, that said, i actually only meant to post, that i want to commend you for looking for your dog via SHELTERS or RESCUES!! Good for you!!

Another huge advantage is getting a "rescue" dog, is the foster fam can tell you all about that individual dog, which is BIG PLUS since you have a specific type of dog you are searching for!! I got mine from a pound, (shelter) and couldn't love him one bit more than i do.

I find it kinda charming that you are seeking such an energetic dog, how great, some people look for mellower dogs, so it's interesting to me to hear from one who is going for those real high energy dogs!

Petfinders.com is great website for searching for your next fur kid when you are ready. This website combines both rescue and shelter dogs. Some rescues will help you "temperment test" a shelter dog, some shelters may be able to do this, as well. I'm not entirely certain if temp testing helps determine a dog's energy level, though...not sure of that.

GOOD LUCK! Stand by, someone who knows about Rat Terriers will probably be by!! lol!

but i just wanted to say, how wonderful you are not gonna support a puppy mill, and are going to save a homeless dog!! YAY!!


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Rat Terrier


I have two rat terriers and reason being there are two is b/c the 1st one had sooo much energy. My female Tippy is a sweetheart and is not timid, barky, or pretty much scared of anything and she will jump in anyones lap & roll on her back to have you rub it. My male Cujo is very timid, doesnt like people to touch him (which as he is getting older is doing much better with this) and he has more of the characterisitcs of most of the terriers I have met. Tippy was extremely socialized as we moved to California and back starting when she was 6 months old so I am sure that is why she is the way she is. They are lap dogs and under my feet pretty much all the time. If I dont see them within 10 minutes I am wondering where they are. I think they are a great breed and just love them. Even the one I had years ago who was a nervous wreak, peed on the floor when someone came over and got car sick everytime she got in the car. They love you unconditionally and with some consistent training can learn but some (like Tippy) can be stubborn.