Raisin Size Dog Treats Recipe

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Jean Cote Administrator

    Does anybody have a quick and easy recipe to make yummy raisin size dog treats?

    I have used chicken wieners for a long time since I could cut them in four (length wise) and then in small cubes. That was ideal but it really gets your hand greesy and I'm not too fond on that anymore. :doghappy:

    I have always wondered how dog food companies are able to make those nice little soft and chewy cubed treats.

  2. addictinganimal New Member

    No clue, sorry. :arf:

    I use Pupcorn, which make it easy to break off small pieces with your thumb. :msngrin: Once you get to the thicker middle part, you can even bite them into sections. :msngiggle: Might sound gross, but they're dry treats with barely any taste (to humans, anyway), so it's nothing. :msntongue: Tank likes the Cheese flavored ones in the plastic tin. You can stuff a few in your pocket, and they won't stick you up and make people look at you funny. :msnwink:
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    You mean popcorn seeds?
  4. addictinganimal New Member

    Nonono, follow the link. It's a light, airy, low-fat treat in the shape of a dog. :D
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Ahhh lol, i didn't even notice there was a link there :) Thanks!
  6. storm22 Experienced Member

    i cook up lamb fry (lamb liver) in the microwave till its basically dry bout 3-4 minutes and cut it up to the size i want, i hate the stuff but my dog will do anything for it and if you cook it till its nearly dry its not greasy and the juice doesnt sink in your skin plus its good for him adds abit of iron, but every dog that smells it wants it and youll become all dogs best friend
  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    Where do you buy lamb liver? Just a butcher shop? I've cooked beef heart before with great success, but my recipe involved boiling it for 20 minutes. And it was really stringy.
  8. storm22 Experienced Member

    yep or at the supermarket is where i get it from its probably cheaper at a butcher thou
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    Ok thanks a lot, I will definitely look it up!!! Thanks :dogsmile:

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