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I want to teach Snuggles, my dachshund to not bark.
I was wondering if anyone had a video of their dog. He is getting on our nerves barking when there is nothing to bark at. We do want him to bark if there is something wrong or if someone is at the door. He barks at EVERYTHING. I think he barks sometimes just to hear himself bark! :ROFLMAO: All suggestions and videos are welcome. Thanks.


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Try teaching him to "Speak" and then teach him the "Quiet" command. I personally am never able to catch my dog barking to get her to speak, therefore I haven't been able to teach her these tricks. Sorry I can't be of any more help. :/


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Ok thanks. I will try that. I catch him barking barking all the time so this should work.
It should. Basically, once you are able to get him to bark on command, you can teach him "Quiet". Remember: no yelling or your dog will think your joining in! :)


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We all have our own ideas on things, but i don't recommend rewarding barks (for cue "speak") in a dog you want to bark less. I think you should really give serious thought to rewarding barks an already barky dog. I'm just sayin, others tried to warn me,:rolleyes: and i did create a bark-monster out of a previously not-that-barky dog, it can happen that way.

Kikopup has some wonderful videos, on barking, actually breaks it down into 5 types of barking.
LIke here is one on barking at noises:

(might not be at all what you are dealing with, but, this episode #1 is one of five, and you can look down the border of youtube to see the other 4 videos,
or you can google "kikopup barking" to locate all five videos.


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I smack my dogs on the head when they bark... Sorry, bad JOKE :)

If Oliver decides to bark at something, I run into the other room, then ask for some simple tricks, with a game or a wrestling match. You have to be careful that you're not rewarding the barking though, by only playing when they bark.

Boo barked when he wanted something from me, so I'd cross my arms over my chest and stomp away. He quit barking! LOL


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Kikopup's video is great, but not so useful for a dog who reacts to your neighbors walking outside your house (which, is an appropriate time to bark, but my Little One takes it a bit too far). I did use a similar method to help her out though.

What started working for me, when I was being consistent with it of course (and then I slacked off :unsure: ... I don't recommend slacking off ), was when I was sitting watchingTV/on the computer, I had my clicker in hand, hidden (Linz, my loud little Papillon, knows that the jingle of the clicker =training time and she will start to dance on my head and get all amped up, but I don't want her to think that the only time she can't bark is during training time), as well as a container of treats (also hidden, but within reach). Whenever she would start barking, I would wait for 3 seconds of silence, then C/T. Eventually, She would only bark 1-2 times and then stop and look at me. I slowly started asking for longer silences. Like I said, it worked GREAT while I was being consistent with it, but then I got lazy and while she is much better than she was, she is not perfect. Then we moved and I don't have my neighbors walking in front of my apartment all the time, so that helped too :D


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DaniG, your method is pretty similar to what i did, too, but probably better than mine.
(scroll up to link reply#6) I think i like your way better, but, my dog can really bark nonstop for so so long, (back then), til dog was clear out of sight, so it might have taken longer waiting to capture a break in his barking cuz dog is now gone,
not sure.
and lol, yes, it can be a challenge indeed, to walk the fine line, between rewarding the moment of silence/distracting a dog away from barking,
rewarding the barking itself!! i could not even use a clicker at all, not at all, for the longest time, cuz Buddy's pauses were just too short to click at first.

//Kikopup's video is great, but not so useful for a dog who reacts to your neighbors walking outside your house//
She has five (5) videos, for all sorts of various types of barking, not just the one i posted, that is just "episode one".


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// (and then I slacked off:unsure: ... I don't recommend slacking off )//

OH, i know just egggzactly what you meant there!!:ROFLMAO:
it was just the same at my house!! rofl.
I sure did learn, while training this "you don't need to bark", wow, i sure did have to stay on it, and if i let up too soon,
Buddy would resume barking away, and reinforce the great joy of barking his head off, which would sort of "un-do" all his training....

Once dog "gets it"
it is easier, but, evry once in a blue moon, i still have to do occasional refresher lessons now and then, if Buddy is beginning to get sloppy about barking around.


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Thanks everyone. DaniG, I might try that. thanks but i might get lazy too. :D//

YOU CAN DO IT, SNUGGLES!! It's not like, physically exhausting at all, it's just sitting outside with your dog and some, consistently. :ROFLMAO: