Question About A Wierd Thing That Happened Today.


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we went to the stanhope heritage day festival and i brought dandy with me. he was a rock star - only one bark the whole day and that was at a cow (a single bark, rather imperative sounding, that had the cow moving up into the corner of the pen): the lady scooping poop turned and *Looked* at dandy and he shrunk down, ears back, and held up a paw. she said "apology accepted" and carried on scooping and the cow ceased to exist for dandy.

now the thing that happened was this: an elderly gentleman who seemed to know about dogs - he was very practiced in how he moved around dandy, is what i mean - asked if he could "check him over". i said sure, and the guy put a hand on either side of dandy's waist, gripped him, then held him.

dandy didn't move, just kept looking around at the stuff going on. the guy moved his hands up to dandy's ribs, then held him there. dandy didn't react. he moved back down to dandy's hips and tried there - dandy didn't react. he ran a hand down dandy's leg (the way you see horse handlers do it) and picked up a foot. he held it for the longest time - had to have been nearly a minute - before dandy kind of shook his foot as if getting water off it and the guy let go.

he massaged dandy's ears, looked into them, looked at his teeth, then ran a hand down dandy's back to his tail and that's when dandy turned his head and bumped the guy's hand with his nose (dandy HATES ppl touching his tail and i did tell him that).

the guy asked if i ever have any trouble taking toys or food from dandy and i said "oh heck no, not if you mean is he resource guarding - just sometimes he wants to play the keepaway game but if i tell him give it!, he will."

he said "well, i don't know what to make of this. i expected him to at least turn his head and look at me, maybe lick me or something but i've never seen a dog just not react at all...."

that was when his wife came up and dragged him off by the ear (literally) saying they were late so i didn't get a chance to ask what that was all about.

anybody have any ideas?


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my bff might've nailed it: she said it sounded like dandy was at a dog show.

if you check this video

and jump ahead to 3:30, that is exactly the kind of thing i'm talking about. it is very likely - given the number of retired professionals we have here - that he was a retired judge who can't get out of the habit, lol.


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He sure was a show judge, they generally love to check if dogs carry their breeds specific charecteristics or not. Personally, i want to become a show judge and i had the chance to meet many of them on my journey to become one (I still have alot to do :) ).
But i dont think he is retired as i have never seen one that is retired and able to walk lol, the more experienced they are the better judge they become so many of these show judges continue judging for their very late ages.


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yeah, he was old but definitely mobile - very tall, too, easily six-two or three and thin while his wife was very short and round.


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funny you say that - i'd have to say that this summer, i've gotten FAR more comments and compliments than usual.

maybe it's all the training or maybe it's his age (he's 4-1/2) or maybe bec we've been here in town going on 3yrs and are finally settling in but he does seem to carry himself differently now, more of a "lordly" air than a "wassat!!!? wassat!??? wassat!????" thing, iykwim?