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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by jenclerm, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. jenclerm Experienced Member

    Hi eveyone,

    Luke takes alot of naps during the day, but the only way he will fall alseep if he is on me..
    When he gets tired after play he will crawl into my lap.. (if I am siting on the floor) and fall alseep.. if I am at my computer.. if I am not sitting with him...he will come right up and cry.....to get some cuddles to help him sleep:dogunsure:

    what I am doing right now when he comes up to me I pick him up bring him to his doggie bed and give him a stern "go to bed"

    He will jump out come back over to me.. and I repeat the go to bed method..

    is this a good method or does someone have any other suggestions?



  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Although it is very tempting to scoop up your snuggle buddy and read him a bedtime story(lol!), you can't always reward him for his crying. If you continue with this he will quickly realize that vocalization gets him whatever he wants. When he starts to show signs of being sleepy, give the "go to bed" command and lure him into the bed. When he tries to exit the bed, give a stern, "Ah-ah!" Do this the second he even begins to lift a paw out of it, rather than waiting for him to completely exit it. If you miss this opportunity, that's okay. Give the "Ah-ah!", and lure him back in. Continue this until he will stay there. Since he's sleepy anyway, this shouldn't take long and he should quickly be more than happy to snuggle up in his bed and drift to sleep. For now you could even pet him in the bed until he drifts off, but don't make too much of a habit of it.

    Being a young puppy, he will take quite a few naps throughout the day. That's perfectly normal and okay! So don't discourage his naptimes. He's a pup and will need these short "cat naps." Good luck to you and Luke!
  3. jenclerm Experienced Member

    Great advice thanks Tx I will tried adding to ah-ah.. and no affect...:p ..he's a stuborn little guy..lol

    I have placed his bed in his crate during the day, I really don't want to close him in I am just trying to train him to go to his crate when he is tired.. :p This might be a callange...LOL
  4. jenclerm Experienced Member

    Nice, I have said "go to bed" so much he went in on his own...:p
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Ah-ah is a very important tool and can be used as a universal command to stop any unwanted behavior. When used correctly, it can be wonderful for some dogs, while others could care less about it. :) If he is one of the ones that it can work for, make sure that it is stern and sharp without yelling. If he isn't, then that's okay and you can use a variety of other distracting words. Glad to hear he's picking up on the bed command!
  6. snooks Experienced Member

    i agree a crate and ignoring the attention seeking behavior will work. don't be afraid to put your puppy in the crate for some down time. he doesn't need to be out every second you are there. there is value in learning to be self reliant, confident, and comfortable with his own company. put a stuffed/frozen kong full of goodies in with him and/or some safe toys. i hide treats in my pup's crate every time before she goes in. that way it's always a great fun place to go and she wants to go. crates are also the only place i give raw bones indoors for puppy. the older dog knows to stay on her rug.

    you can also click/treat for the behavior u do want. if puppy is making noise stand by the crate but look to the side and stand side on. click treat for any quiet no matter how brief, be quick so it is during the quiet. and drop a bit of meat or cheese in the crate. work up on distance gradually. scolding or shushing can be attention and rewarding so i usually just remain quiet. there is also a great dvd called crate games that teaches good fun crate association that i like. unf there is always some ignoring of some awfully heart wrenching noise that goes with a puppy. it still gets me but i know she'll be happier and more confident if i ask her to as a puppy.

    congrats on the new puppy, and above all enjoy! :dogrolleyes:

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