Puppy nurse


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:msnheart::msnheart::msnheart::msnheart::msnheart:About a month ago I had a horse riding accident my horse kicked my face and I shattered my cheek bone and so it is in lots of small pieces.

From the first day I got home Rosie has been helping me get better. I have been a lot better since I got home to my loving puppy rosie she just loves cuddling up to me while I am in bed or watching TV. I would not be any where as well as I am now Rosie is still helping me get better and will be for a while before I am 100%
I love rosie sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

luna may

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I agree with Doggie (can I call you that? Lol), reading your message just gives me a nice feeling inside, I love hearing people getting over hard stuff and feeling good again :doghappy:


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ouch posie, ive never been kicked in the face before but i have been kicked, hope you get better soon, mind you sounds like you have a great nurse there, bet she loves looking after you for a change


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thanks storm22 and I think nurse Rosie is having time looking after me! now I am off school for a while