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So I've had my puppy for about a month and a half now. She is just getting to be about 5 months olds. Well i've been having trouble finding smoe dry dog food that she will actually eat. Now i give her wet canned food daily, but i only do so once a day. I've tried purina one puppy food, and purina pro plan but she doesnt like either one... HELP!!!


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you could try mixing it in with her wet food so she gets used to the chewing

sorry cant help too much our dogs love cookies she might just have to gradually get used to them


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I agree with Storm22, mixing the wet and dry food can help. The other thing you could try is fish oil or tinned fish in oil...a small amount to coat some of the biscuits can make it more appetising.

Also, be careul not to allow her to get you to change her food if she wont eat it. I know she is only a puppy so shouldnt go without food for too long, but if she wont eat her food, give her the same bowl again in the evening and again the next morning. If she is hungry and was just trying to get you to give her the wet food she will eat it...if she really has a problem with it she wont eat it, so you will know to change her food. This is what I have done with my dogs if they have gone through a fussy stage.

You could try different flavours of food? My border collie was eating the food I used to give her but was picky with it and wasnt gaining any condition. It was chicken based and so I tried her on a piece of chicken. She got really sick so I knew it was the chicken that was the problem; because her body couldnt tolerate it she didnt want to eat it. I now give her a fish based food (that has no chicken in) and she is thriving and happily eats all the food I give her now.

Some dogs are fussy/have gut problems and it is usually trial and error that you can find the right food/combination of foods for them. I hope you find the right food for your dog soon.


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Just to add...some pet food manufacturers will send you samples of their food for free (or you might be able to pick them up at your vet or pet food store). It might be an idea to get some and see if your dog likes any of them before buying a larger bag.


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purina is one I personally don't like...very high in corn/sugar. check out www.dogaware.com or www.wholedogjournal.com.

canned food is less processed so better for puppy, and it's a myth that kibble keeps teeth clean so don't worry about that. if puppy is picky use the canned food and add some low sodium no MSG meat broth like beef broth or chicken. add bits of cooked yam or squash for a little something sweet since they like sweet things and this is healthy.

avoid supermarket kibble, generally it is not great but made mostly of grains or corn which is not very nutritious. Innova, EVO, Canidae, Wellness, are all very good kibbles and canned.

I do not rec beneful, purina, iams, eukanuba, science diet. read the labels. you don't want all that carby stuff.

info on the recall that killed thousands of dogs and cats

best of luck...u can also add cottage cheese, plain yogurt, cooked liver, all in very small amounts. you don't want too much calcium in particular and not too fatty as it can make them ill or be toxic.