Puppy Eye Development


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Does anyone know when a puppy's eyes develop to the point they can see clearly from a distance? I know Bella's eyes are fine, I had the vet check just in case.

I'm assuming it's because of her young age, but Bella doesn't seem to see if I throw an object too far. Once, when I was walking down the sidewalk from my neighbor's house, Bella started barking and growling as if I were a stranger. It wasn't until I got closer into my front yard that she started wagging her tail and jumping up and down, recognizing me.

Another night, I came home late at night. A small light was on but Bella started growling at me. It wasn't until I spoke to her and she recognized my voice that she calmed down and started the tail wagging. :dogph34r:

I'm just wondering how far she can see at this point.

Jean Cote

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I believe humans can see much farther than dogs can (we are also way higher than they are), so they will rely more on their other senses than us. :) But my husky can eyeball an squirrel pretty far away. ;) lol


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Yeah, Bella's starting to notice all the rabbits hopping around the area. I'm seeing those hunting instincts! :dogph34r: Thanks for the info, I assumed dogs had better eyesight than humans...go fig!