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  1. Appy Member

    I just meant raw chicken liver cooking makes me very nauseous :sick:- I can of course provide meat for the dogs :), just wanted the easiest way of cooking it so thanks for the suggestion. I can do dumping meat in a pot of have the extractor fan on though LOL

    Not sure how chicken liver is sold in the UK - I'll go and find out!! Will have to wait a week or so to try it as I'm away but I'll post as soon as I have!
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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    HA HA, you poor thing, i LOVE liver!! just love it, i wish it was healthier for humans to eat, i'd eat it every day. I do not like beef liver much, nope, but chicken liver, YUM!!

    also, maybe if you are that sensitive to the smell, and do not find it appealing like i do, *maybe* when you cook it, put a dab of some fragrant lotion under your nose, not sure if that would help.
    also, if you breathe your mouth, you can not smell anything...
  3. charmedwolf Moderator

    I know how you feel Appy! I hate the sight of raw liver and the smell of it cooking. I usually bake mine if I'm using it as a treat other than that I just toss it to the dogs without looking >.>
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  4. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    :eek:liver!! I once got a load of liver to feed to my raw fed Dane. I had to slice it. It smelled bad, cut funny, and then I found out she wouldn't eat it :censored:. She didn't like it either (she was super picky). I found out later that she liked to eat it frozen. (it doesn't smell that way either :p) I don't know how I could stand it to be cooked, beef/pork liver of course. I don't think that chicken liver is as bad ;). I think that I will make some of these for training.
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Yes, i do not like beef liver AT ALL, nope, nope nope. I have not bought beef liver, in soooo long, that i've forgotten what it smells like.
    Still, like i said, if one breathes their mouth, you can make something for you dog, and not smell it at all.

    but i LOVE chicken liver, i love making rumaki, (for me, not the dog).

    i'm always amazed to find humans who dislike chicken liver. Actually, in it's raw form, *most* meats do sort of disgust me. But cooked chicken liver, YUM!!! I love it, is almsot like candy. so evenly textured and tasty, and if made into rumaki, does it get any better?

    i remain undecided, due to conflicting info on the net, on how much liver a dog can have all at once. Some say it is tooooooo loaded with vitamin A and too much liver all at once to a dog, can be harmful. I am not sure if that is true, or not...? I can find tons of sites that say dogs can eat as much liver as they want, and just as many that say too much liver, all at once, to a dog, is dangerous.

    so i don't know which group of sites to believe...........
  6. charmedwolf Moderator

    I give a hunk of liver at least twice a week, about the size of a deck of cards. Any more and you risk diarrhea. As long as you don't give a ton of it every day I wouldn't worry about too much vitamin A. I also feed tripe, lung, and kidney as organs so they don't get too much liver.
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  7. Dodge Well-Known Member

    (oooh tigerlily,when I boil up and bake beef liver for Dodge I *always* {!!} have to taste some,I love beef liver:oops:)
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  8. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Ya know.....I think that you either love it or hate it. There is no middle ground. I don't like the way that it smells, I haven't eaten it (other than chicken liver which I am sure was in my Grandmother's stuffing). I don't think I could just pick off a hunk and throw it in my mouth.
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  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    might be true, that, but, many of us open up our culinary palate as we mature, exposing ourselves with open minds to various new tastes. I guess i should give beef liver another try, i was kid last time i ever tasted any.

    Rumaki is good way to introduce chicken liver, each small morsel is sprinkled with brown sugar, wrapped in bacon and then grilled, put on toothpick, often with a water chestnut on each morsel. YUM!! Fattening but YUM!!
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  10. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Ok, anything that fattening must be pretty good. You can't go wrong with bacon!!!(y):love:(y)
  11. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    Why not frozen tigerlily? You are cooking them anyhow O_o. I can understand not using canned, but I use frozen all the time. "They" (ya, I know "they") say that they are just as healthy. That being said, fresh green beans are hard to come by here at this time of year.

    I hope to make these soon, perhaps this weekend. Too busy the rest of this week :rolleyes:.
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  12. Anneke Honored Member

    I've made a similar cookie, liver and egg, but without the veggies. I've seasoned it with garlic(really smelly:whistle:) The dogs loved it!! I took it to the dogschool(do you call it that??) where I train and felt like a dogwhisperer:D Had all 5 dogs right in front of me during playtime at the end of class. There was no playing, just begging.
    Only thing was I left a garlic trail!! Next time i'll have to use less garlic.
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  13. abby_someone Well-Known Member

    I made these and they were a hit. I did use parchment paper rather than the silicone because I could actually get that here. The only problem was that the outside got a little burnt and the inside was still really wet. Maybe I did something wrong...

    Anneke: I wondered about dropping the veggies. This seems like a very versatile recipe and my dog LOVED it!
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  14. bekah1001 Honored Member

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  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    To Bekah, OH, it depends on how well i got everything drained, i guess..... When i make it, it tends to be just a tad runny-ish, too thin to drop like cookie dough after i beat it all together, and if it is runny-ish, or rather, not quite as thick as i like it, i add in small handfuls of raw oats, to make it thicker. I suppose i don't reallly have to, but, i've never baked it in it's more runny-ish form, *might* bake up just fine.

    YOu just add in oats, and stir, to see when it looks sorta like cookie dough.

    Well, I make mine so the dough is similar to the thickness of cookie doughs.
    Lol, why DO i add in oats, and never even check to see how the less thickened dough would turn out? Ha, i've never tried it.
    DON'T FORGET, you really have to run out and buy one of these blue silicone cookie sheet liners, this recipe will stick like mad. Even if you were to grease the cookie sheet, these will still stick. Not the worst thing in the world---dogs dont' care if their treats are kinda ripped up---- but, sort of hard to get that cookie sheet really clean again, ha ha!

    Those blue cookie sheet liners last forever though, i'm glad i have some, you can NOT burn stuff on it. LIke if you make biscuits for humans, you know how sometimes the bottoms burn before the biscuits are all the way cooked through? Well, can't happen on one of the blue sliicone cookie sheet liners is what i'm saying. Is good investment into your kitchen anyway.
    (They cost about $9 each at Walmart but do last forever.)

    and you DO have to cook these quite a while, at 450 degrees, so in summer time, i make them at nighttime when it's cooler out. like 30 to 45 minutes, til firm.
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    OH squeal! Abby, i just now see your posts!!
    i'm so glad your dog loved them! Isnt' it great to have low cost, purely healthy treats that are so easy to make? Don't get me started on store-bought dog treats-- Lousy bags of flour, sugar, salt,--all stuff dogs do not need at all, and artificial everything, dyes, toxic preservatives, just fake-y poisonous lumps of toxins being sold for high prices..many are made in china, too.

    My dog goes crazy gagga nutters for these homemade treats, too,
    and so do all my pals' dogs. I give lil baggies of these out to pals, and they always DEMAND the recipe, some even saying their dog never eats treats, but did go completely ape for these. NO idea why dogs love these sooooo much, but, they do. Sooner or later, i'm sure i will hear about some dog who did NOT like these treats, but so far, nope. not yet!!

    I *think* it is the liver that makes the dogs go sooooo crazy for these.....but, you can make these with leftovers, and actually use any 1 cup each of ANY 2 veggies, + 1 cup any meat you like, really. Buddy still likes this recipe, even if i just use leftovers to make his 'cookies'....but liver is his obvious favorite.

    YOU SHOULD STORE THESE IN THE FRIDGE, there's zero preservatives in them.

    YOU CAN FREEZE BATCHES OF THESE TREATS, TOO. I store one weeks worth of these treats, in individual baggies, and toss all those into freezer bag. Buddy WILL even eat these frozen, before they've thawed out.

    I always let Buddy lick the beaters clean, (good entertainment for him, maybe even better than a kong!!surprising how long it takes him to do that, but, he doesn't leave a speck behind). Then he licks the bowl clean, too.

    Hmm, i'm not sure why your cookies were still wet inside, maybe a lil too thick of cookie?? not sure.... maybe flatten them down a bit more next time??
    NO harm really though, everything is pre-cooked anyway. It DOES take these 'cookies' a while to cook through, at high temp, of 450, for 30 to 45 minutes.
    I add in the veggies, cuz i have heard, that liver,
    being sooooooo rich,
    so high in cholesterol,
    so chockful of vitamin A, (but that concern is corrected above by Charmed wolf)
    so high in calories,
    that liver should only be given sparingly to dogs now and then, like no more than 10% of their diet should be liver.

    I'm not 100% certain that is true,
    but, just to be safe,
    i always 'dilute' the liver with healthy veggies that he likes, so that each lil cookie is only 1/3 liver. I ADD IN THE VEGGIES MOre for reducing the calories than anything else i guess.
    Still, near as i can tell by watching dogs lose their minds for these treats, the dog *thinks* the whole cookie is pure liver, (instead of only 1/3 liver, the dog is totally fooled by this recipe).

    OH, well, Abby, i guess i just use fresh veggies, just cuz it's my own personal favorite, i myself loathe canned veggies for the most part,
    and i rarely buy or eat frozen veggies either,
    only fresh veggies, and garden-fresh in the summer.
    But, i suppose you are right, since we're cooking 'em anyway, probably no big deal, probalby just a habit for me. I'm sure frozen or canned would be fine, but, make sure the canned don't have salt, dogs do not need extra salt.

    GOOD TIP ON THE PARCHMENT PAPER!! THANKS!!<-- That is probably a LOT EASIER to locate than these weird blue silicone cookie sheet liners !!!
  17. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Anneke, i busted out laffin at your story, ha ha, you described that so well, i can JUST PICTURE that scene, too too funny!! You were a magic person that day, huh? rofl!!
  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    yeah, i'm feeling bad, cuz, i do remember, i do kinda flatten my cookies down a bit,
    and i DID leave that part out.....facepalm. cringe....
    If i am making these for gifts, i even shape these into perfect lil flattened circles, like human cookies, smoothing up the edges and all that. i wear disposable gloves, too, mostly to keep my one ring that wont' come off clean, ha, when i am shaping the gift ones. Making them all cutesy-round makes these less ugly, (these treats are not really cute or anything) to please the human dog owners that i am making these for, i guess!?

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