Problems When Going On Walks


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So today my friend brought her Boxer puppy and we worked her and Missy in the neighborhood. It took about 20 minutes for the dogs to calm down enough for us to allow them to greet each other. For safety Missy had a muzzle on they did there little greeting thing than kinda of ignored each other they even laid down. Every once in a while Lily(the Boxer puppy would jump at Missy and bark) and Missy would bark. I would walk Missy away and come back to Lily when the two stopped barking. When they were just chilling beside each other we walked them. Missy would go toward Lily, when she did Lily would jump backward and Missy would bark which had a growl at the end. Also Missy would kind of charge at Lily and bark. I was confused to why she was acting like that cause when we allowed them to meet Missy was being very submissive(she's always been a submissive dog) Lily was being a little dominate but they were getting along. Than when we walked the two Missy would go toward Lily and bark:confused:
I think it went really well for it being only the second dog that Missy has interacted with not including her puppies and Chase. Next session where going to the dog park.:)