Hello everyone. My dog is a American Border Collie and was mated with a labrador. She was mated at June 7, 2011 and the last time she got pregnant the baby aborted himself and I do not want that to happen again. Any help you can give me folks?


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Well I don't think there is a lot you can do about it. Nature takes it's course with these things.
I hope the pregnancy goes right this time!


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and i hope you have homes lined up for that are ready for a probably very energetic dog---people who will have time to properly train and 'wear out' the dog with excercise, so that none of the dogs you are adding to the world will end up in the dog pound..

See, sometimes high energy dogs, if they do NOT get enough excercise, they can be destructive, see? I am guessing the mix of a Border collie and a lab will create a pretty energetic dog who needs lots of excercize when it is grown up. So try your best to find homes that have active, outdoor type of people, who will help the dog get plenty of excercise. (not tv watchers.)

DO OFFER to take back ANY puppy, any dog, evne if grown up,
that you bred, for any reason whatsoever, so none of your dogs will ever end up in the dog pound, if the puppies grow up to be more active than the family had expected or something.

and then, after this litter,
due to the dog overpopulation crisis, with 17,000 dogs PER DAY, all being killed cuz there are just too many dogs, being put down for lack of homes, ---so i hope you might want to consider spay and neuter? Worth investigating and learning about anyway. Just a thought.
(that is about 6 million dogs being killed per year in US alone, and almost all countries already HAVE more dogs than there are available homes for)


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Make sure to look into dietary needs for a pregnant dog. She will need a lot of calcium during the end of her pregnancy and while she is nursing her pups. If she doesn't get enough it can be harmful for her. I hope everything goes okay for her.