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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by good_doggie, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. good_doggie New Member

    How do you teach your dog to pray? I have been seeing dogs doing this and i am so amazed. I really want to teach this to my dog. Any suggestions?:doghuh::doghuh::doghuh::doghuh:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    You mean going by the bed and putting both paws on the bed while sitting down? Try luring. :)
  3. leema New Member

    I think you need to teach two cues and put them together.

    The first is a cue for putting paws on things... This is an easy behaviour to shape. ;)

    Then, the next is a nose target inbetween the dog's paws.

    I think you need to get both down pat before trying to get them to occur together in a 'pray'.
  4. good_doggie New Member

    Thanks. But I still cannot lure my dog in that position. Help? ---------- Again?
  5. caninehorizons Experienced Member

    I have "How to Teach Prayers" on my website along with video but, since I'm new to the list, I can't post links. If you go to and click the "Training Clips" page - then "Roll Up in a Blanket" - you can see how I taught "say prayers" (and roll up in a blanket). Prayers are easy to teach if your dog knows his nose target and feet targets - oh, and sit/stay.

  6. good_doggie New Member

    Thanks! Oh, and by the way, Welcome to the DTA!
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Teach your dog to target things with her paw(s)---I used the end of a rubber mallett--this gave her a large target that one or both paws could easily fit on, and it was easily recognizable. I would hold a treat, and Mud would try to figure out how to earn it. She would try to shake paws, so I put my hand on the mallet, and she responded by putting her paw on my hand, on the mallet. I'd reward her, and then started removing my hand. She figured out putting her paw on top of the mallet earned her a treat. Then I started encouraging her to use both paws. From there, I replaced the mallet with a chair, sitting the mallet on the edge of the chair so she was still targeting it. Soon I took the mallet away and she would put both paws on the edge of the chair when I touched the chair with my pointer finger.
    From there, I had her put her paws up on the chair, and held a treat between her front legs. Soon she understood that she was to put her front paws on the chair and bow her head. Then I added the command. Kyra Sundance's book "101 Dog Tricks" is fantastic and uses a similar method to teach this trick. If the advice I've given you isn't quite clear enough for you, I'd suggest getting her book or looking her up on the internet. She does a wonderful job and I've found her book extremely helpful and clear. =) Good luck!
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    And also, if she doesn't learn targetting as easy as Mud did...reward her for any interest in your target. Let's say you're using a mallet. Start with the mallet on the ground/floor, and pick it up, holding it in front of you. Most dogs will immediately stick their nose to it just out of curiousity, or at least look at it. Click and reward. Keep repeating but slowly start asking for more than just a look or a nose touch. Your dog will understand that earning a treat has something to do with that dern mallet, and will try harder, resorting(hopefully) to pawing at it. Reward heavily. Soon she should learn quite easily to target the mallet, and then you can replace it with a chair or bed or whatever.
  9. good_doggie New Member

    Thanks for the advice everybody!

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