Poor Foster Doggie


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Wasn't Tx's post great!! also, it's great to help you feel a lil more confident you ARE doing a lot of things right for this dog! It sounds like, with the kids home, you will have plenty of chances to help this dog begin to make positive associations to noises.

ah, i see, about the name, got it. "Ken" okay then! Your reasoning there make good sense, i get it.

Re: the mailman, i myself have no problems whatsoever with my dog barking to announce any and all ppl near my home, is A-OKAY with me! I am always surprised at ppl who don't like that to happen, really.

My dog did NOT bark to announce visitors approaching, and i specifically trained him to do so. I did, using treats, a clicker, and his cue to "speak", getting Buddy to "speak" for each knock.

It took me over a week to get Buddy to understand, he should bark if he hears a knock or a doorbell. After that, he decided on his own,:p to pre-emptively bark at all approachers, and i am happy with his decision on that, and fully support it.
I WANT him to bark for that, i really do.

I think of this as benefit of having a dog. If i am not home, i want Buddy in there barking to let anyone know "there IS a dog in here!"
If i AM home, and i don't hear them knocking, i sure will hear Buddy announcing that we have company.:ROFLMAO:

My dog stops barking when i get to the door, and he does sit for me opening the door, (he needs occasional reminders,:rolleyes: lol)
and it's not a problem, not for me, anyway, Buddy being an extra "doorbell"....it's part of his "job". Lol, so maybe your mate can be off the hook! hee hee!!
but i guess every home has to figure out if they want their dogs to bark for ppl at the door or not.


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I understand feeling a "duty" to help him understand the world is a safe place; so sad to see super timid dogs that live in a terrifying world. You just want so badly to make them feel safe. :(
Too bad there isn't an option for color as "MUST SEE" or "INDESCRIBABLE" or something like that, lol! He is beautiful. He's only the second or third dog I have ever ever seen with that kind of color, just gorgeous.
I've developed an ultra soft spot for super timid dogs since Zeke. Not so much out of some need to "save" them, love it away, etc, but more so because you CAN help develop a "safe" world for them through training...it's so incredible to see them transform; their brave moments are so heartwarming. So many shy dogs are adopted and just kept isolated; the owners just avoid whatever scares them...OR, in contrast, they bombard them with scary stuff in a "tough love" approach to force it out of them, which of course doesn't work either.
Two thumbs to you for being willing to help this sweet boy, for however long he is with you. (y)(y)
Be careful, he looks like the type that will steal your heart!!! :ninja:


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ahhh gosh, i so want to help this boy but it looks like he's going to have to go to another fosters. He's started charging, sometimes growling, at my son and trying to mouth (can't say bite but it's not a gentle/play face) at his arms. I can't have my kids in danger.

I'm gutted, he really doesn't need another change in his life but he really isn't comfortable with the kids.:cry:


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That is so sad! But like you said, your kids safety comes first!
He would probably do better in a child free environment.
Tough decision to make:(


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>HUGS< to you, Mewzard, i know you are doing the right thing. It is what i'd do, too, if i were in your shoes, it's not safe for the child, and much as we love our dogs, protecting our kids does come first. And if this dog did continue to escalate and end up really hurting your child, besides the physical and emotional damage to your child, ---------the dog could even end up being put down, you did the right thing to move this dog to another home.

and really, Mewzard, it's not even good for that dog to be around a child that the dog is that worried about, either, not at this stage of his rehab, it's too much for the dog to deal with at this point.
so despite your pangs of regret, you really ARE helping both your child, AND that dog.


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I think pretty much everything has been said here, I agree with both tigerlily and Anneke.

Maybe after he starts to get better, if you do want to keep him, you can ask to foster him again and counter condition his aggression to children.

It's awful to see how these dogs get scared about everything. Hosen is still scared of loud noises and sometimes will jump at a weird arm movement, but he has gotten so much better after these two years. Good luck with your lovely foster!


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Oh no. :( So sad to hear this news. But, it is best for both FD and your family for him to find another foster. Good luck to both you and pretty FD.

-secret desire to have him-....lol.... :X3: