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Due to family allergies, I've only had Poodles since I was about 6 year old. I've lived with at least two dogs of each variety (Toy, Mini, Standard), and the Standards have all been 'mine'.

I've also volunteered at assistance dog training kennels for years, and have raised/trained Goldens and a Lab mix as service dogs.

In my experience, the Poodles learn and respond very differently than the other dogs... but I've noticed the most similarity between *nice* GSDs, and Collies (most of my experience is with Smooths).

These dogs learn very quickly, but will not do a task a million times just to make you happy. They will turn on the light a few times, but then tell you in no uncertain terms that if your just going to keep turning it off there is no sense in them working - who cares that they'll get a treat?
Likewise, they will activate an electronic door, but only if it's to go through. They will retrieve, but you better not drop the item in the same spot within 10 seconds.

Poodles are content to watch what's going on, and when you invite them to play they seem to have picked-up the rules through watching. They will make a fool of themselves with you, but the instant anyone else is watching they just look at you as if you've lost your mind. If you want them to do something but the wrong word comes out, they'll do the doggy equivalent of shaking their heads, then go ahead and do what you meant.

I really like some of Steinbeck's quotes regarding his Poodle, Charley (my Charlie was named before I got him and apparently wasn't inspired by anything in particular...):

"Sir, this is a unique dog. He does not live by tooth or fang. He respects the right of cats to be cats although he doesn't admire them. He turns his steps rather than disturb an earnest caterpillar. His greatest fear is that someone will point out a rabbit and suggest that he chase it. This is a dog of peace and tranquility."

"He was born in Bercy on the outskirts of Paris and trained in France, and while he knows a little Poodle-English, he responds quickly only to commands in French. Otherwise he has to translate, and that slows him down."

Poodles have a fascinating history, records dating to 14 AD (coin with a curly dog bearing the distinctive Poodle-clip with mane and pompoms). The Poodle History Project (http://www.poodlehistory.org/) has tons of info, portraits, photos, famous owners, etc.

Wonderful breed that I will never be without :)


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love standard poodles

i've never owned poodles, but i have to say the ones that i've worked closely with have been awesome. the service dog agency that i work with primarily uses standard poodles, myservicedog.com and now is starting on labradoodles, too. i don't know if they're going to keep doing the doodles, though, since there's been so much success in the past with the poodles, and the doodles, while sweet-natured, have alot of controversy involved (both with poodle people and with lab people).:msnsad:

how often do you have to trim Charlie? i know brushing is daily, but i have a friend with 2 poodles and she kind of obsesses and trims about every 2 weeks... too much for me!:dognowink:


I don't think I'd have any other kind of dog than a poodle. (In spite of the fact that my husband wouldn't let me have any thing else due to the shedding issue) We had a male toy poodle when I was a kid and he was so well behaved and smart. He knew each of our family by name. After I was married I got another male toy poodle. He was the best freind and companion. (Although a little obcessive about playing fetch) Both of these were very layed back and easy to train. After my last dog died I decided it would be nice to try a female, after all so many people say female are so much better. Well I guess dogs like people have different personalities. Emma is much more hyper and strong willed. She learns quickly but only if she wants to. Do you think it is a personality or gender thing?


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I actually don't brush Charlie every day - he has a really nice harsh coat that doesn't mat easily... it needs to be a few inches long and be ignored for about a month (including rain/snow/mud) before it becomes a problem... I tried it once just to see how long it would take, lol. I usually bathe him every 4-8 weeks, and do a full grooming every 8 weeks. I like to touch-up his face/feet/tail every 2-4 weeks.

I'm a groomer and I used to show him, so grooming doesn't bother me at all ;)

Poodles with really soft coats can mat in less than a day, even if they only have 1-2 inches of hair! Those are the ones that need daily maintenance, and the ones I will avoid like the plague when I select for my service dog program.

I have to run now, but I'm happy to share my Labradoodle opinions later (I'll use the other thread).

Emma is sooo cute! It's definitely a personality thing, not a gender thing... like humans, dogs can have a huge range. Male/female there isn't much difference, but when there is it tends to be a 'softer' female, and more expressive male.