Please Read - DFA needs your help!


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I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, or even if I am allowed to on here :dogunsure:

Anyways, I work as a trainer for a program called Dogs For Autism - in short we breed, raise, and train service dogs and place them in families with children affected by autism. Our dogs, unlike many other austism service dogs, are not meant for companions - they're more of an extra set of hands, eyes, and ears for the parents. These dogs save lives.

Unfortunately, as a non-profit organization, we simply do not have the money to finish training and equip the 8 dogs that are ready for certification.

DFA is in the running in a pepsi contest for $50,000. All we need is a few seconds out of your day. Please, please, please vote for us. You can vote up to (10?) times a day, every day for the next month. We're in great need of your help and support. Every vote counts! Please, if you can spare a few seconds, you can be improving and even saving a life!!

**I know I can't post links yet, so I'll post the directions*** (hope it's okay!!)

*the website is refresh-everything-.-com (without the dashes)
*click browse ideas and vote
*type Dogs For Autism in the upper right hand search bar
*ours is (I think) the first link

Thanks in advance to everyone that is able to help! <3


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On my way to vote. ^^ Good luck! Once I'm out of college I will be travelling a similar path as you, since I want to train service dogs(not for autism in particular, but generally assistance dogs). So I'm happy to vote for you. :D


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Thanks for your vote!

DFA went from number 93 to 280. That's the WRONG direction. If anyone has a spare minute today, please vote for us! We really need your help.

You may think your 1 vote doesn't help, but trust me, it does! 1 minute of your time could mean everything to these families!