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Let's assume that the dog threw up everything and won't be suffering much in the way of physical ill effects - though I'd still keep a close eye on her and be ready to take to the vet. So then we're just left with a smelly, dirty dog, right? I don't understand why you can't just put the dog in the bath tub and give her a bath.

Give her a good rubbing with a large bath towel afterwards, and keep her indoors for a few hours until she's dry. It shouldn't be a problem. :dogsmile:


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hi Luna May - my dog has done stuff like that before (he's a chow-hound) so I'm VERY familiar with doggie puke and diarrhea indoors and all over stuff... so I truly sympathize with you!!

Health-wise: if she is back to normal (behavior normal, poop normal, eating habits normal), then I would think she's probably fine. But I would at least give your vet a call and tell them what happened so they can advise you over the phone if she might suffer any after effects and if so what to look out for.

Stink-wise: maybe you can wet a towel with water and shampoo and clean her that way?? Or, maybe you can take her to a groomer to get bathed, yeah it will cost some money but may be worth it! Or you could take her to a "self-service dog wash", that way you can still bathe her yourself but it is indoors and not so cold and would be cheaper than a professional groom!

poor pup! Well at least now you know she can climb onto the tables and counters!! I am so glad my dog can't do that (or least hasn't tried) but he is tall enough that he can reach most things on the counters/tables anyway just by standing on his hind legs. but a friend's dog I see gets on the tables and counters regularly! (might come in handy for future tricks!)

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Because my family says that she'll catch a cold, and they're also pretty opposed to washing her in the bathtub :dogsad:.
I think I'll do it anyways though :LOL:


dealing with dog puke

Hi! I just registered and have a 9lb. toy poodle, that looks very much like yours. Her name is Emma Rose. I also have had similar trouble with her getting onto the table and even the kitchen counter! I have seen her do it in one simple jump. I swear she has springs in her feet! I had a toy poodle previously (for 12 1/2 years) and Emma is 14 months old. I live in Ohio so it is cold here during the winter too. I have always bathed my dogs during the winter. As long as it's warm in your house, (comfortable enough for you to take a bath) there should be no problem with giving your dog a bath. I dry them off real good with a towel and even use the blow dryer. (Start it on low if the dog isn't used to a blow dryer) My dogs have never gotten sick from getting a bath. You can clean the tub afterward with any disinfectant. As for the house, see if there is a product called Natures Miracle at your local pet supply store. I have used while housebreaking Emma and it is a great odor neutralizer.

luna may

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Thank you guys... :doghappy:
The problem was solved in a rather unexpected way: My dad gave her a face haircut, including the muzzle, and now she's puke-free Lol :D
Afterwards I brushed her teeth, and now she's good as new! :doglaugh:
Thank you all, dear noble citzens of DTA, for supporting me in one of my most difficult times. Your assistance helped me get back on my feet and rage on against all smelly powers of evil. May thy site thrive on. :LOL: