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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by driven, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. driven New Member

    Hello fellow dog lovers. I am hoping that you can help me with something. I have entered my puppy in a contest and I need to get as many votes as possible until the 14th of this month. Only have a few days left and I am still behind! Please vote for Nevada today and it would really be awesome if you could bookmark the page and vote every day! And it would be even greater if you could share this link! It only takes a second to vote and you will be helping so much! Thank you very much for your support!:dogsmile:

    Click on the image to vote or click here


  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Voted. ;) Good luck!
  3. driven New Member

    Thank you!
  4. vivian New Member

    Voted and win or not I think he is cute
  5. driven New Member

    Today is the last day to vote so please vote again today! Thank you!!

  6. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Voted - let us know how you do!
  7. jazzycat New Member

    I voted! Good luck!
  8. driven New Member

    Thanks so much everyone!:dogsmile: Of course I will let you know!!! Can't wait for the results. I'm a little worried because last week's winner had 1,000 something votes and I am nowhere near that with 300, but I am keeping the faith.:dogunsure::doghappy:
  9. snooks Experienced Member

    This cutie got my vote too....:dogtongue2:
  10. driven New Member

    Well, everyone, I've got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that I didn't win. The good news is that this isn't over. I guess the way it works, and I didn't know this, is that everyone gets re-entered into the next week for another try. So I guess I am going to go at it again this week and hope to win... Ugh... this is so exhausting... So please keep voting everyone, everyday. Thanks! Tell your friends! Gotta win this time!! AHHH!!!

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