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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Anneke, May 13, 2012.

  1. Anneke Honored Member

    The other day I was talking to someone who is also very much into photography and we were discussing lighting. I was having difficulty with taking pictures in which both Cooper and Jinx are. A black dog takes different settings then a white dog. So either Jinx is overexposed, or Cooper is under exposed.
    He asked me if I took my pictures in RAW format.
    Well I don't because I don't have the programs for it. My version of Photoshop just won't read the RAW pictures I make with my Canon.
    He advised me to see if I could fix that, because a picture taken in RAW can be worked on better then a .Jpeg.
    I know I am throwing around term that some of you might not understand, but basically every picture you take is a .jpeg.
    Now I have been experimenting with the RAW setting on my camera and forgot to set it back to .jpeg, when I took pictures of the litter reunion of my friends dogs....
    So when I came home and downloaded the pictures to my pc, I couldn't see any of the pictures:mad: Which forced me to find a solution!
    After a lot of searching and cursing(because nothing I did seemed to work) I finally got it.
    So I spend last yesterday afternoon and night playing around with it and reading up on Photoshop tutorials.
    Ok long story short... This is what I did.
    I had this picture of Cooper
    And turned it into this. Not completely to my liking, but that is just a matter of practise.
    Then there was this picture. It's the eye of one of the donkey's that belong to my friends uncle. I liked the picture but found the lighting not quite tight.
    So this was the result, I was happy with.
    This program is very difficult to understand, but I am going to play with it more. I love the things you can do to pictures!!!

  2. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    Great pictures Anneke! The donkey picture is amazing!! What kind of camera do you have again?:)
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  3. Anneke Honored Member

    A canon 1100D.
    The donkey's were very kind to come up close and personal:D Especcially this one, called Lizzie.
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  4. Dogster Honored Member

    AWESOME pics Anneke!!!!!:eek::D Can't wait to see more!!!!:p
  5. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    My mum, who is seventy-three, is a bit of an expert in photoshop, but being her age she is, of course, retired so has the time to spend learning the programme properly. I think what she does on there is amazing but I have had a go with it but never seem to get time to learn it properly. But it is an incredible, but complicated, programme to use.
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  6. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

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  7. Anneke Honored Member

    Thanx, I'll check it out!
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